The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Communication

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Communication

By Mr. Yatish Mehrotra, CEO of Knowlarity communications

Efficient customer communication has and continues to be at the heart of a successful business. Loyal customers define your growth trajectory. While earlier keeping them happy and satisfied used to require a large team of executives at their disposal, we are now moving towards an age where we mostly don’t need to speak to someone to get our concerns resolved.

AI in consumer communication

Using robots and intelligent algorithms to offload the work of the customer communication team is a crucial requirement for businesses to enhance customer experience and allow teams to focus on issues that are actually important.

 When we call, customer service teams often spend a lot of time in understanding the history of the account, and often fail to get a sense of why we may be calling.

Compiling data insights and customer history that is precise and available on hand is almost impossible if done manually. This is where automated communication systems come in.Not only does an automated customer communication process allows you to be available for your customers 24×7, query resolution becomes faster, engages fewer resources and cuts increases customer satisfaction.

AI applications are reshaping customer experience and taking the way businesses talk to their customers to a whole new level. Here’s how.

Keyword spotting

AI facilitates to enhance overall keyword spotting quality using a contextual automatic speech recognition system. This concept accurately recognizes specific words within an unlimited audio recording. It allows users to speak impeccably without any stoppage and delay between the triggered phrase and the command for increased customer experience.

Systems can understand the intent and sentiment of the call basis the keywords used. If talking to a customer support executive, you use words like ‘disappointed’ or ‘bad service’, the system automatically classifies it as a bad customer experience call. These calls can be further classified with a narrower keyword hunt like billing, delay, delivery, etc.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

ASR system reads speech signals and converts them into an order of words and various vocal units via algorithms installed in a laptop or a computer system or any electronic device. IVR has modified automated speech recognition into a prompt and rationalized process. Moreover, ASR analyses the possibility of converting calls into a lead and thus, facilitates business in filtering calls more effectively in lesser time.

For instance, if you are talking to a prospective client, the system can translate both ends of the conversation separately and store the transcript for any further analysis. It is easier to search or analyse text as compared to voice.

Text to speech

Text-to-speech is a major implication of Artificial Intelligence that converts insights of consumer relationship management and other available data into a speech format. The transformed text identifies complaints and grievances of customers and resolves them efficiently. The application works with a unique program that recognizes dialects, regional languages, complex numerical including pin code, cost code, stock valuations and more. Irrespective of the pitch, speech rate, modulation and tempo of the recorded voice, AI successfully converts text into speech to analyze consumer’s feedback in a better way.

Research reveals that operational costs can be decreased by 70% by switching to text to speech generator. It helps in processing millions of calls automatically using a cloud-based platform which directly reduces manual involvement and workload. Moreover, it diminishes error chances and turns mundane telephonic calls more interactive while enhancing brand image.

Voice Bot

Voice bot is a smart program to enable real-time interaction between users and systems like computers, laptops and cell phones, by using AI. The interesting thing about voice bot is it clones hum voice as a medium of conversation. Do you remember talking to Siri on an iPhone or asking Alexa to play a song for you? All these are voice bot programs that process and produce human-friendly responses to the consumer intend acquired through voice commands. Besides, it refers to the user’s history and behavior for more accurate reactions. Voice bot is a reliable and cost-effective solution to enhance customer services which further simulate human interactions with prompt and personalized responses to their complaints and queries round the clock.


Automation is the future

Google, Alexa by Amazon and Siri by Apple are the prominently used conversational interfaces exhibiting advancements of AI applications in enhancing the customer experience in day-to-day life.

Similarly, automating some aspects of customer communication by AI can strengthen customer relationships by delivering an intelligent customer experience at any point in time.

For example, an interface could assign incoming text messages to a defined category, then recognize and respond to those with simple queries like “where are you located in India?” or “what are the closing timings of your outlet?”

AI in customer communication enabling rapid business growth

AI is not only helping us make more data available, it is allowing us to use the data more efficiently for the benefit of our customers. Clear dialogue lessens consumer efforts to get their queries resolved. Automated record of call histories and past requests makes the conversation move faster and in the right direction – all of this with no risk of human error.

It is extremely secure and confidential. Users usually don’t hesitate to share their personal information with AI-supported interaction medium as it shields their discretion.

Customer experience is a significant aspect that drives the success of a business. Artificial Intelligence assists businesses to deliver increased customer delight via its excellent interventions. Creating a positive brand value and an efficient consumer journey is at the core of every growing business, and we are moving towards a fully automated communication cycle with the help of AI.