TradeIndia plans on recruiting 400 plus professionals in the next 2 months

Mumbai: Tradeindia, the nation’s foremost online marketplace platform has announced its plans of hiring 400 plus professionals in the upcoming two months. The recruitments are slated to occur in domains such as sales, technology, and other corporate responsibilities as the company aims to increase its workforce proficiency in these core verticals.

As part of its expansion plan and employee welfare scheme, TradeIndia is seeking to commence an extensive talent acquisition drive at all levels beginning from the executive to the C-suite leadership. Having already on-boarded eminent figures in key leadership roles like the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer, few Vice President-Technology, Executive Director-Sales, etc; the trade pioneers now set their eyes on more leadership hiring at a pan-India scale. For that, TradeIndia will orchestrate numerous hiring drives across the length of the country which also includes recruiting tech graduates from leading university campuses.

In a bid to further inclusivity and encourage talent from all spheres of the country, it also has plans to establish more sales offices across various tier-2 cities of India. Also, TradeIndia also aims at hiring female leaders for important roles at a pan-India level to foster women empowerment and female representation across the organization as well as the overarching industry. To ensure the safety and well-being of all female employees, the company has decided to provide them with 1-day wellness leave every month besides the entitled leaves to help them cope with the testing times.

The company will also provide an essential Mediclaim with the special Covid-19 cover to ensure the safety of all employees. To that end, TradeIndia will also extend Doctors on Call – instant online support for the benefit of every employee and its family members. Furthermore, the company has also instituted a flexible working hour policy for every employee which includes even those that are currently working from home.

Speaking on the future roadmap, Mr. Sandip Chhterri, CEO of TradeIndia said, “The pandemic was indeed a grueling affair for many corporations as entire industries came to a standstill in its aftermath. However, with our unrelenting focus on maximizing digitization and leveraging alternate channels to keep our customers active and engaged, we have managed to etch an essential COVID-survival journey wherein we not only survived but even thrived amid the post-pandemic turbulence. With numerous hiring drives and employment schemes marked for the upcoming future, the figures speak for themselves. We are confident that TradeIndia will register many more milestones in the future and will continue being a reckonable force in the industry.”