TVS Global Media Establishes TVS Music Guild Division to Produce Music on Records, Digital, and Video

TVS Television Network to Launch AVOD Service on You Tube in January 2022

TVS Global Media has established the TVS Music Guild to produce new and classic master music video and audio albums for distribution on CD, DVD, LP. and digital formats. TVS owns more than 50 record labels from the 20th Century, and continually produces new versions of 20th Century popular music.

TVS Music Guild produces and distributes the Capehart Music Treasury, a collection of songs from the 20th Century in new instrumental productions from the TVS Orchestra. Produced at the TVS Recording Studio in Bakersfield, TVS Music Guild Recordings are legacy instrumental versions of top popular songs for collection by music fans of all ages.

Capehart Music Treasury also includes the Cash Box Music Legends series of new recordings of original artist original hits, done in a classic style. These hits are produced by legendary artist and producer Ron Dante.

All Capehart Music Treasury songs are original TVS Music Guild productions.

Music from the TVS Music Guild is also available for license to TV programs and movies. TVS First Look original music shows TVS Senior Prom, TVS Stardust Ballroom, TVS Kool Jazz Festival, TVS Midnight Refrain, TVS Jumpstreet!, TVS Jamboree, and TVS Hollywood Palace all have TVS Music Guild Soundtracks.

TVS Global Media was formed in 1958 as a radio network and later the TVS Television Network. It is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA.