What does it take to be a good biker?

Most motorcycle riders do a tremendous job of keeping their bike balanced all the time they are on the road. Over time, it becomes a norm for us as we become seasoned, but by no means is it an easy task. However, most of us fail to recognize how, in itself, it is a great trait. We often ask ourselves and our fellow riders what it takes to be a good biker.

Many people misunderstand the term “experienced rides” and mistake it for the amount of years that a driver has been in a car. Years of motorcycle riding experience are important, but being an excellent rider requires more than simply years of experience. Both driving and riding practically any bike can be enjoyable for an experienced rider. Every journey has fixed laws that set certain participants apart from one another. In this blog, we will take a look at the things that play a role in developing a good biker.

Being familiarised

It is very vital to be acquainted with every function and use of various parts of the bike before taking it on a ride. Doing that not only saves time for the new venture but also helps the rider tackle the motorbike functionalities with ease while they are on a journey.

Road discipline

Road discipline is something that makes sure everyone is safe on the road. Road users include other folks who ride, drive, or walk on the roads, which implies that you are always required to follow traffic regulations. You have to be mindful of the speed restrictions and never should overtake other cars on the wrong side. Bikers who are considered as ‘good’ never jump on a red light either. Never drive under the influence. Make a way and provide passages to emergency vehicles like police vehicles and ambulances. Most crucially, you are required to be calm at all times and never take the initiative to indulge in road rage.

Being aware of the skills

Always remember that you are not required to take the bend with a better speed than the biker in front of you, nor ride fast enough to reach the first line at a traffic light. Do not take the initiative to perform any kind of stunts on the road to show off. It is very hazardous for both you and the other riders on the road. The point is to recognize your capabilities and limits when you are on your bike and not to prove yourself.

Safe ride

One of the biggest traits of a good rider is a safe ride. A good biker always makes sure that they are driving smoothly and the safest individual to drive with. Having a helmet adorned every time you get on the road with your favorite bike is not only a must due to the law but it is also for your own protection. An individual must never disobey any kind of traffic signal or light, or they might have to pay heavy penalties. Rather than getting merged with the traffic, use the indicators properly to find your way out of the traffic. Additionally, having bike insurance is crucial for covering unforeseen incidents and ensuring a safer riding experience.

Professional training

Just like the majority of endeavours that demand some semblance of strong coordination, visual acuity, timing, and foresight come from learning from the experts.

Suitable gear

It is very essential to get a learner’s permit prior to embarking on a new bike journey. It is advised to obtain a diverse range of safety gear before going for a bike ride. These can be equipment such as eyeglasses, helmets, and gloves, along with the supportive wearable. A good investment amount needs to be made in this sort of supportive wearable prior to riding a bike to be compliant with one’s security on the road.

Bike maintenance

There is no alternative to taking care of your bike. Adoring your bike and taking good care of it is an integral part of being a good biker. Therefore, you should always keep your bike in good running condition and follow the maintenance and service as advised by the bike manufacturer. To be a good biker, it is a must that you continuously check the brake fluid, engine oil, and brake pads of the bike. Make sure you are replacing them when they tend to wear out.

Understanding the technicalities

Understand your machine well and anything else that is relevant to it. Your bike may stop all of a sudden on an empty highway. Knowing the basic diagnostics and repair definitely comes in handy in such occurrences. You are not required to go through any kind of technical training. Regular study of these common problems is all you need.


If asked what is the key towards good driving, all the experts would agree on spontaneity. While driving on the road, there could be occurrences when you have to make a split-second decision to avoid any kind of crash, and you need to be ready at all times for this kind of thing. It needs good control over the bike, and only then can you drive it with control.

Understanding of risks

Even with the precise perception of risk, you still prefer riding. Great! We do not ride to be safe. However, do not let the adrenaline get the better out of you. The riders who are good understand where to speed up and where to slow down.

Speed maintaining

It is extremely crucial to maintain the speed of your bike when you are riding on the road. Bikers are required to slow down their speed when they are in traffic areas to avoid any sort of road mishaps.

Wrapping up

We all know that our bikes run on fossil fuels. There is still a lot to go before all the bikers get their hands-on electric bikes. Therefore, as a good and responsible biker, you need to regulate pollution and keep it under control at all times. You need to make sure that you have the pollution control certification as the government has advised.

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