Author Tamela Thomas’s New Book, Alphabet Learning: Learning to Eat Good Fruit

Jackson, TN, September 01, 2023 — Tamela Thomas, a freelance writer and children’s eBook author, has completed her new book, “Alphabet Learning: Learning to Eat Good Fruit”: a charming series of poems designed to help educate readers of all ages of the wonderful benefits of all different kinds of fruits, and why eating a varied diet including these fruits is essential to leading a healthy life.

Author Tamela Thomas’s professional writing career began in 2018, and before that, most of her career has been in the medical field, gaining experience as a CNA, EKG/telemetry technician, and carepartner at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Tamela has also been a patient advocate, foster care, social worker assistant, radiology technologist, and certified occupational therapy assistant. Tamela holds a BA in professional studies in social services, behavior science, and organizational leadership from the University of Memphis at Lambuth in Jackson Tennessee. The author is an entrepreneur operating her Mobile CPR business TSJ where she is an American Heart Association certified CPR instructor in Jackson, Tennessee.

Thomas writes, “This book contains vital information that will assist in the value of eating wholesome fruits. It will help the body function, make you feel like you’re at a happy junction. It will improve your body movement with extra energy to spare, but giving it up, you wouldn’t dare; neither will you want to share. If you are willing to encourage your child with a treat, may see some happy faces while he/she eat.”