Award-Winning Author Seeking Backers for Kickstarter for NA Romantic Suspense Project

Hudson, FL, November 30, 2023 –Chelsea DeVries is asking the general public for support of her next project Kickflip My Heart through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. The novel will be her second official publication and the rewards are tiered at pledges of $105, $500, and $1000. To read more about the NA romantic suspense project, to see the reward tiers, or to pledge your support, visit Kickflip My Heart Kickstarter. DeVries was recently a winner of 2023 Fall Bookfest Award for Best in Overall Performance for her audiobook of Sticks & Stones: Full Story Edition and just won 2023 American Writing Award in the category of Poetry.

About The Book: In Sticks and Stones, DeVries paints a poetic picture of rising above toxicity, love found and love lost, and delves into what it means to find strength in the human spirit. Through poetry, the reader finds a voice of strength and the rebuilding of one’s heart a home with all the sticks and stones thrown upon it. Newly expanded with more full color photos, 41 new poems, and a rewrite of Drowning in An Ocean of No Tomorrows, DeVries shows a full poetic picture of turning pain into poetry in order so you can rise above whatever is pulling you under.