Debbie Bradshaw-Badois’s New Book, Dethroning Your Personal Tyrants

Maineville, OH, September 01, 2023 — Fulton Books author Debbie Bradshaw-Badois, who has worked as education consultant for thirty years, instructing college-level critical writing, independent writing workshops, and writing skills for area universities, has completed her most recent book, “Dethroning Your Personal Tyrants”: a powerful tool to help readers discover the vital steps to achieve self-healing and a greater sense of happiness.

Bradshaw-Badois writes, “‘Dethroning Your Personal Tyrants’ is a personal account on releasing emotional blocks stemmed from negative events, people, relationships, or vices that prevent an individual from letting go of a painful past, healing, and moving forward in the present, living in peace. Throughout the book, it provides guidance to forgiving yourself and others with a focus on self-worth and self-love, which ultimately allows a person to take back the power in one’s life.

“Dethroning personal tyrants that were toxic and had an internal grip on you is transformative. It places you in control and on the throne of your life again. Each chapter outlines valuable advice that anyone can practice as a result of painful memories or situations that left years of unhealed internal wounds.”