Teno’s New Feature Will Allow Schools to Track and Record Teacher Attendance

The developers of Teno, India’s leading school management mobile application, have announced that, as per a brand-new update, the app will enable schools to actively maintain teacher attendance records. The new feature simplifies the task of school administrators as it will let them create long-term schedules for online lectures and assessments. Additionally, this feature also lets teachers mark themselves present or absent while logging into the app. The attendance feature will help schools with getting clear and accurate information regarding staff working hours, even in remote schooling.

Schools generally find it challenging to have a clear understanding of the daily attendance of teachers and students when online schooling is going on during a lockdown. This not only affects the decision-making regarding payment of salaries at the end of the month but also hampers the overall schedule of students, teachers, exam committees, and other involved stakeholders. Teno’s teacher attendance feature uses a timer to clock the working hours of teachers and attendance as soon as they log into the app. Similar to how attendance registers work in real-life schools and workplaces, the timeclock used for verifying presenteeism automates the process of attendance-taking for teachers.

The Teno app also has an inbuilt timesheet with continually updating records. The timesheet contains personalized information about a teacher’s attendance for a particular month, their teaching and schedule and other information essential for their functioning. Teachers can mark their attendance using the app. Additionally, teachers who miss marking themselves present due to a technical issue or other reasons can do so on a later date too. This allows teachers to be at ease regarding the attendance records for a given month. The availability of automatic notifications is another feature of the Teno app to help teachers and schools maintain accurate work records. Teachers receive real-time notifications on the app regarding any changes in their teaching schedule for specific students or grades.

The attendance feature of the Teno app brings the control of remote school scheduling in the hands of school administrators. Administrators can approve or reject the attendance of any teacher based on a school’s presenteeism-absenteeism criteria. Teachers, on their part, can communicate with their admins and reapply for shifts rejected by them for syllabus completion or other purposes.

Speaking about the new feature in the Teno app, Jeenal Ganatra, Sr. Manager – Marketing & Product, Teno, says, “We have designed and developed Teno to make mobile-based schooling a mirror image of traditional, classroom-based learning. The teacher attendance feature of the app simplifies the process of scheduling and maintaining accurate attendance records for school administrators and educators.”