Trucent Renewable Chemicals Welcomes Local STEM Students and Educators with Ohio’s Lt. Governor

Van Wert, OH, June 18, 2024 — Trucent Renewable Chemicals was honored to host the “Educators on Location” group at their Van Wert facility on June 6, 2024. This initiative, part of Ohio’s Teacher Bootcamp program, aims to provide educators with a deeper understanding of local industries and job opportunities for their students. They were particularly pleased to welcome Ohio’s Lt. Governor Jon Husted as part of this event.

The Teacher Bootcamp program, funded by the state, brings educators from Van Wert and Lincolnview to businesses around the county, helping them gain insights into the various career paths available to their students. This program is crucial in aligning educational outcomes with local workforce needs.

During the visit, Lt. Governor Husted emphasized the importance of such programs in addressing the state’s labor shortage. “If your job is to be an educator, you’re focused on kids and what’s happening in the schools, but you never really get a chance to go see the businesses and meet the people that fuel, literally, the economy of your community,” Husted stated. “With this, we create intentional efforts to help teachers get the experience of seeing what’s happening in businesses. The businesses participate because that means they have some advocates right there in the school to help the students understand what kind of skills they need to go to work.”

The educators toured the facility, learning about Trucent’s innovative biocatalytic splitting technology, which produces high-quality fatty acids from various vegetable oils with significantly reduced energy consumption. This exposure not only highlighted the advanced manufacturing processes used at Trucent Renewable Chemicals but also underscored the diverse career opportunities available within the renewable chemicals industry.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Educators on Location program,” said Bill Hayes, Vice President of Trucent Renewable Chemicals. “By opening our doors to local educators, we hope to inspire future generations and provide them with a clearer picture of the potential career paths in their community.”

In addition to hosting the Educators on Location, Trucent Renewable Chemicals welcomed a local junior high school chemistry class earlier in the same week. The students were given an interactive tour of the facility, where they learned about the science and technology behind Trucent products. This event was designed to spark their interest in STEM fields and demonstrate the real-world applications of their classroom learning.

Trucent Renewable Chemicals is dedicated to fostering educational partnerships and supporting workforce development in Ohio. Trucent believes that by collaborating with educators and state officials, we can help build a stronger, more knowledgeable community.