5 Indian Superhero Epics to Binge Before Shaktimaan’s Return

As the buzz intensifies surrounding the highly-anticipated return of India’s legendary superheroShaktimaan, to the silver screen, fans everywhere are eagerly counting down the days until they can witness his triumphant comeback. But while you wait for the iconic hero’s revival, why not indulge in some thrilling superhero escapades to satiate your appetite for adventure?

Here’s a list of five must-revisit shows, OTT audio series, and films that promise to ignite your imagination and keep you entertained until Shaktimaan graces us once again with his presence


Shaktimaan, portrayed as an individual who achieved extraordinary abilities through meditation and harnessing the five elements of nature: Space, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Produced by Mukesh Khanna, he portrayed the character of Shaktimaan along with his alter ego, ‘Pandit Gangadhar Vidhyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri,’ who worked as a photographer for the newspaper ‘Aaj Ki Aawaz.’


Krrish, a young man with extraordinary super powers, develops romantic feelings for Priya and travels to Singapore to reunite with her. However, upon uncovering a startling revelation concerning his father’s demise, he is compelled to employ his superhuman abilities.

The New Avatar 

Prince Daksh is betrayed and killed by his fiancée, Chinai, who ascends to the throne. Daksh’s soul reincarnates into a young boy’s body, determined to seek justice. As both a prince and a vulnerable child, Daksh embarks on a quest for truth. Tune in to The New Avatar on Pocket FM to discover what unfolds next.

Super Yoddha

When a child genius becomes the highest ranking member of a 100-year-old tribe, it creates history. However, his success is short-lived and is out-stripped of the rank until his fiancé presents him with an opportunity to win it back. But the odds are high and at stake is the honor of his clan. Here’s the thrill-inducing story of Super Yoddha only on Pocket FM.

Minnal Murali 

One of the first superhero movies from the Malayalam industry, the film follows the story of Jaison, who develops superpower abilities after being struck by lightning. He must use his special powers to defeat his adversary and save his village from ruins.