Aaryan Banthia’s fourth single ‘Paar’ hails the brave who are turning adversity into opportunity during the pandemic

Mumbai Aaryan Banthia

Mumbai: Popular young musical sensation and singer-guitarist cum composer Aaryan Banthia’s fourth new single Paar released on 21st November and within 2 days has garnered around 250K views! The track, speaks about the struggles of people from different strata of the society during the pandemic, how they have fought them bravely, and what the journey ahead holds. The singer with the magic touch has been steadily climbing the charts ever since he released his first single Yaadein.

Aaryan is backed by his rock-solid talent alone and has three back-to-back hit songs to his credit. He also has the merit of being one of the few independent artists to have received widespread acclaim within a short time. Apart from a huge fan and audience base in India, about 20% of his Spotify listeners are from the US and another 5% from Germany, UK, and even Ukraine, etc.

Speaking about his song, Aaryan Banthia, said, “Before I say anything about this song, I would like to quote my favorite lines from the lyrics of another song: There should be laughter after pain; there should be sunshine after rain; these things have always been the same; so, why worry now. This is the essence of my song ‘Paar’ which talks about how this too shall pass. The pandemic has been difficult on everyone. From the daily wage workers struggling to earn and the LGBTQ community trying to get an equal status, and those who have lost their jobs, there is something that everyone has been fighting for. They have all done their best, and are continuing to face the times with bravery. There is a long way to go but there is also light at the end of the tunnel.”

Aaryan’s debut Hindi track ‘Yaadein’ was a rock ballad with a subtle touch of blues and was released by Zee music. He made his second appearance in a song called ‘Back in the Day’, an English track, which, despite belonging to the rock music genre, resonated with the young and elderly alike. Both his singles crossed the one million mark on YouTube in a short span of time. His third single called ‘Hey Betty’ depicted old school love and romance and crossed half a million views within just 8 days of release.

Aaryan is an ardent guitar lover and all his solos including the recent “Hey Betty” make extensive use of this instrument. Having grown up looking up to renowned guitarists like Mark Knopler, John Mayer, BB King, and Paul Gilbert, Aaryan has immense passion for the instrument. In times to come post the pandemic, Aaryan plans to rewrite live shows and bring forth his musical style through various musical compositions and performances.

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