Back on popular demand! Star Bharat is thrilled to announce the return of Season 2 of “May I Come in Madam

Back on popular demand! Star Bharat is thrilled to announce the return of Season 2 of "May I Come in Madam?" Learn moreStar Bharat is set to bring back the beloved show “May I Come in Madam?” to delight its audience once more. The first season of this show received immense love from viewers, and its iconic characters, Sajan, Sanjana, and Kashmira, portrayed by Sandip Anand, Nehha Pendse, and Sapna Sikarwar respectively, have left a lasting impression on fans. The on-screen chemistry of these characters captured the hearts of viewers, and ever since the first season concluded, fans have been clamoring for a second season. To their delight, Star Bharat has answered their wishes and announced the second season of “May I Come in Madam?” with Sandip Anand, Nehha Pendse, and Sapna Sikarwar reprising their lead roles.
Sandip Anand, a favorite among viewers, expresses his excitement about returning for the show’s second season. He shares, “I am thrilled to be a part of the show once again. When the first season of ‘May I Come in Madam?’ concluded in 2017, we saw it as a regular wrap-up, but to our surprise, the show had gained a massive fan following, and we received numerous requests and messages to continue it. Even to this day, the audience has not forgotten the show, us, and our characters. Seeing the love from viewers, I always had confidence that Star Bharat would bring back a second season for its audience.
He further adds, “During the lockdown, we received numerous requests and saw extensive discussions about the show on social media platforms. Now, the viewers’ wishes are coming true as Star Bharat is bringing us Season 2 of ‘May I Come in Madam.’ I am confident that, just like the previous season, this one will also win the audience’s hearts.”
The first season of “May I Come in Madam?” charmed audiences with its unique characters and entertaining storyline. This lighthearted and humorous drama showcases the life of an ordinary man named Sajan, who, despite being married, struggles to gain the attention of his boss and make her happy. This storyline, presented in a humorous manner, has successfully captured the audience’s hearts. So, yet again get ready to laugh, be entertained, and enjoy the lighter side of life in a refreshing way with the second season of May I come in Madam?

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