Karan Khanna Surprises His Co-Stars With Customized Gifts On ‘Divya Drishti’summer

Divya Drishti

Karan Khanna, who is currently seen on StarPlus’ Divya Drishti has been winning hearts with his intriguing performance and charismatic aura. He is playing the role of Shikhar who is a negative character on the show. Shikhar along with Pishachini (Sangita Ghosh) is behind Divya and Drishti for their superpowers.

Shikhar who has a grey shade and pretends to be sweet only in front of Divya and his on-screen family is just the opposite in real life. Contrary to his on-screen character, Karan Khanna is a delightful person in real life. Recently, the actor went ahead and surprised his co-stars with specialized gifts. Karan shared, “We shoot for more than 12 hours a day and end up becoming like a family. I share a special bond with each one. I decided to present them personalized photo frames  as a token of friendship and love.” The frames had phrases they say often. For instance Sangita who refrains from social media has ‘Main Instagram par nahi aaungi’ on her picture frame. Similarly he customized each actor’s photo frame with a creative quote. Everyone on the set absolutely loved this gesture and praised him for his creative thought behind this gift. The actors overwhelmed with the gift hung the same on their makeup room doors.

It’s indeed a great thing to see co-actors bonding so well and going beyond their capacity in doing certain things which can just touch someone’s heart and make them smile. Well, Karan surely knows how to make his co-stars happy.