Musician and activist TM Krishna delivers a keynote address at ‘Inclusion Now’ conference by Interweave to promote inclusion at workplaces

Musician and activist TM Krishna delivers

Bengaluru, 6th February 2023: Renowned musician, author, and activist TM Krishna today delivered the keynote address titled ‘The fluidity imperative” at the ‘Inclusion Now’- Towards a fluid future conference to promote the need for fluidity in business organisations and build and nurture an ecosystem that is inclusive, safe, sustainable and open for all. He was speaking at the 2-day annual conference organized by leading inclusion firm Interweave Consulting which was attended by over 250 participants on 2-3 February at the Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru.

TM Krishna says during his session, “Inclusion is an important conversation that is found all over the world and even in India. It’s important that non-exclusivity needs to be the basis of any kind of work or social or home space, where access to everything physical, material, emotional, and psychological is available for everybody and there are no limitations placed in any manner even in subtle or obvious manners to anybody, I think the corporate world needs to discuss this not just for structural rules or regulations not just to put systems in place and check the way corporate behavior happens, the culture within the corporate world, the way we talk to each other, the way we welcome people with diversity, what is it mean to embrace diversity. So I think it’s a very important summit because here you have people who can bring about those changes in the organisation and we often forget that the most beautiful changes happen with beautiful conversations.”

The signature thought-leadership conference this year hosted carefully crafted conference agendas including four ‘Expert Classes’ on the first day followed by a conference on the second day which witnessed serious DEI practitioners, HR leaders, senior line managers, and DEI influencers engaging in thought-provoking and knowledge-building conversations.

Speaking at the successful culmination of the event, Founder & CEO of Interweave Consulting, Nirmala Menon said,” The 2-day event was our effort to find answers to the evolving challenges which are constantly emerging at workplaces. We also wanted to stress on the need for businesses to reimagine their organisational policies, programs, and culture to make the workplace inclusive, open, and future-ready. We are extremely grateful to TM Krishna for joining us in this cause and acknowledging our efforts. It is indeed encouraging to have people like him at the conference who use their privilege, voice, and energy to build an inclusive ecosystem. We also want to extend our gratitude to all the leaders, experts, influencers, and change-makers who joined us at this conference to build an inclusive and sustainable future for all.”

The event hosted insightful discussions, dialogues, and talks on key topics to highlight the importance of fluidity and the need for businesses to prepare for the ever-evolving market scenarios and needs. It brought attention to the importance of identifying inclusive behaviors and applying them across talent management processes in businesses. The speakers during the event also discussed the unique challenges for women in achieving leadership at work and the need for identifying actions for organisations to enable gender-balanced management and leadership teams. The sessions highlighted the inclusion challenges of managing talent in an increasingly hybrid and fluid workplace, varied facets of wellness at work, diverse needs of the workforce, and the impact on inclusion in the light of fluidity of engagement models like gig working, moonlighting, and portfolio workers.

The event culminated with a beautiful performance ‘Niseema- Beyond boundaries’ by artists Ramya Srinidhi, Sneha Kappanna, and Raghavendra.