Sanjay Narvekar roped in to play a pivotal role in ‘Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat’

Sanjay Narvekar roped in to play a pivotal role in ‘Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat’Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming fiction offering, ‘Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat’ is all set to woo the audience with a whimsical love story set in the milieu of the glamorous world of cinema, starting 24th June at 8:00 PM. The show follows the journey of an influential superstar, Ayaan Grover (Abhishek Bajaj), and a humble smalltown theatre owner Shivangi Sawant (Khushi Dubey) whose paths cross and could lead to the beginning of an unexpected love story.

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Joining the cast in a pivotal role is the versatile actor, Sanjay Narvekar, who has enjoyed a robust career in the Marathi and Hindi entertainment industry. In the show, Sanjay will be embodying the grey character of ‘Mukesh Jadhav’, an astute and relentless contractor with the single-minded ambition of taking control of ‘Sangam Cinema’, a legacy that is left behind for Shivangi by her late father.

Elated to be a part of the show, Sanjay Narvekar says, “Portraying Mukesh Jadhav is an exciting challenge; he comes with a lot of depth and has layers to his personality that I can’t wait to unravel. He will be one of the key obstacles in Shivangi’s life, who wishes to restore the glory of Sangam Cinema. As an actor, I relish the challenge of playing grey characters because it allows me to delve into the harsher facets of human nature, bringing to life the complexity and raw intensity that make these characters so captivating. I’m looking forward to seeing how audiences react to the suspense and drama he brings to Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat. It’s a role that pushes me as an actor, and I’m ready to dive in and give it my all.”

‘Jubilee Talkies – Shohrat.Shiddat.Mohabbat’ premieres on 24th June, and will air every Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM only on Sony Entertainment Television!