Sony Entertainment Television presents a compelling drama with ‘Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak’

Mumbai, 24  May 2024

Adding the vibrant flavour of Rajasthan as a new hue of entertainment to its fiction slate, Sony Entertainment Television presents viewers PukaarDil Se Dil Tak. This compelling drama echoes a family’s heartfelt ‘pukaar’ to find each other and reunite despite the circumstances. Showcasing a diverse representation of women with compelling characters and an edge-of-the-seat plot, Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak is Co-Powered by Fortune Premium Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil, and will premiere on 27th May 2024, airing every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM.

Set against the backdrop of the Pink City, Jaipur, this narrative weaves the tale of love, loss and redemption, and traces the journey of a desolate mother, Saraswati (Sukhada Khandkekar), and her steadfast hope of reconciling with her lost daughters – Vedika, (Sayli Salunkhe), and Koel (Anushka Merchande). Tragically separated by a wicked scheme, the paths of Saraswati, Vedika, and Koel will unknowingly converge once again under unexpected circumstances and together, they must confront Rajeshwari Maheshwari (Sumukhi Pendse), the antagonist of the show who tore their family apart.

At the heart of “Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak” lies the poignant portrayal of the bond shared between a mother and her daughters, and the power dynamics of a large business family driven by a headstrong matriarch. Delving into the complexities of familial relationships and the enduring power of love to overcome any obstacle, Saraswati and her daughters must stand united against all odds, proving that nothing can break the ties that bind a family together.

“Pukaar – Dil Se Dil Tak” premieres on May 27th, 2024, and will air every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM on Sony Entertainment Television