Hyderabad’s Start-up comes with Shodhan-L, an automatic Touch Free, Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Shodhan L, an automatic Touch Free Hand Sanitiser

Hyderabad: Coronavirus spurs demand for Touchless Technology. In order to cater to the growing needs, Hyderabad’s Start-up, Emfact Embedded Systems introduces Shodhan-L, sensor-based automatic, Touch Free, Hand Sanitiser Dispenser.

It is developed as per the guidelines of the WHO(World Health Organization) and CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention).

The dispenser is equipped with a sensor to detect hands and is capable of dispensing exactly 2.5 ml of hand sanitizer each time. As per CDC guidelines to be effective it has to dispense 2.4 to 3 ml. And there is a time gap of 5 seconds between each cycle of action. 25 to 30 seconds is sufficient for the efficacy of hand rubbing.

Liquids are more effective than gels as they take half of the time. Mist based dispensers are harmful as they are mixed with air and when inhaled by humans lead to respiratory problems.

It is operated on the barest minimum consumption of electricity. It doesn’t use a pump to dispense sanitizer which is considered to be hazardous. It operates based on a high-performance Infrared Sensor. No pump is used and is Micro Controller and Computer-based Program. It is easy to install and operate and is maintenance-free.

“The automatic sanitizer dispenser is electric powered and made of such composite material, which is flame retardant.

It is user friendly, easy to use the product. Every drop of sanitizer dispensed is controlled. There is no spillage, leakage, or wastage. Every drop of sanitizer counts. This saves money too. It weighs less than a kilogram. This Lockdown Jugad product is ideal for commercial establishments such as offices, shops, malls, government offices, industries, religious places, clinics, hospitals, apartments, gated communities, and other establishments.

This automatic touchless hand dispenser scores over the foot-operated sanitizer dispensers on many fronts.

A lockdown research product made under MAKE IN INDIA and taking inspiration from Prime Minister, Narendra Modiji’s call to buy and endorse local products, made Mr. SP Chandu, Founder of the Start-up realize that there was no such product made locally. He jumped at the idea.

Shodhan-L an automatic Touch Free, Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

The new hygiene regime demands have put the spotlight on innovations. Consumers are seeking intelligent solutions to improve hygiene and safety at the office and home. Shodhan-L is the result of that need adds SP Chandu.

“We observed, with existing dispensers, people sanitizing their hands were touching the dispenser too many times and using locally available technology used in RO machines which is Hazardous. So, we worked according to the guidelines set by WHO and CDC and came up with an Embedded Technology-based contactless hand sanitizing dispenser, Ensuring Safety and Security to Human Lives to overcome such a situation”, shared SP Chandu.

The promoter of this retail automation start-up brought out in the past, the world’s first Electronics Cash Register with GPRS and Server-Cloud Technology. He is also the inventor of the Digital Payment System using RFID Technology with Biometric Authentication, with and without using the Internet. The application for the patent is moved and the same is awaited.

With over 30 years of domain knowledge and experience in the industry as a dealer in sales and service electronics retail, S.P. Chandu, a veteran engineer in Electronics, fabricated and developed this need of the hour sanitizer dispenser.

Until recently, nobody ever in their wildest dreams was afraid of touching common surfaces, door handles. But now, common surfaces are feared as potential sources of contagion. Corona and other viruses can spread through contact with shared surfaces.

As the virus’s spread off late has accelerated, I felt the need for Shodhan-L. We have adopted touchless technology. It is a sleek, plug and plays model. The product with a 7.5-liter capacity can be conveniently wall mounted.

There is a huge shift in consumer behavior. Now more than ever, people are conscious of the surfaces they touch. They are looking for hands-free products, contactless payments, contactless transactions, tap-to-pay credit cards, Door Activation Devices, Touchless Switches, Wireless entry control devices, touchless, hands-free commercial restrooms, Touchless Sensor Bathroom Faucet, Motion Activated Hands-Free Kitchen Sink Tap. All these add to the demand for the touchless products shares SP Chandu.

As the government instructed to make these sanitizers available, the demand for them is on the rise. The Impact Embedded Systems is confident of selling over 1000 dispensers in the very first month of its operations. The startup has already received many inquiries. The team has been demonstrating the product at various places including many big-time corporate houses, IT companies, Apartments in the city.

The disease burden is so much in terms of threat to life, mental stress, loss of productive time, it is better to stay alert, ensure safety from getting affected the virus. The product is quite useful in ensuring a visitor is disinfected.

For more details about the product, please get in touch on 9246105072, email: shodhan.emfact@gmail.com

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