From Sydney to Perth: Australia’s Casino Capitals

These days, travelling is never just travelling. Our concept of vacation has changed since the 19th century, which our civilization marks as the beginning of contemporary tourism. We recognize many different subtypes of trips. Honeymoons, resorts, health trips, adventure tourism, cultural tourism, “Robinsonian” tourism, spiritual journeys, and much more. 

How about gambling trips? This article is aimed at casino enthusiasts who plan a trip to Australia. Read more to get some tips about the country’s renowned cities, Sydney and Perth, what they can offer you when it comes to casinos, live gambling, the highest payout online casino options, and anything else you might want to know concerning gaming. Visit the glamorous live casinos at attractive locations, or take your smartphone and enjoy your favourite online casino somewhere on a beach or a location of your preference. If you haven’t been on your vacation yet, this type of trip may be an interesting idea. Pack up your bags and devices, arm yourself with information, and get ready for the gambling trip of your lifetime. 

Between Sydney and Perth: Australia’s Prominent Cities’ Gambling Tourism Guide

Travelling broadens the mind, as the famous saying goes. Every part of the world has something interesting to offer, from awe-inspiring nature to culture, history, cuisine, and, of course, gaming. This text will focus on the casino side of the sightseeing. If you are drawn to this kind of tourism, you are welcome to join us. Hopefully, we will provide some inspiration for your Australian gambling journey. 


Sydney has much to offer. History, architecture, food, amazing scenery, beaches, and entertainment. Curious about which casinos to visit? Read on.

The Star

The first casino on our list is not a surprise. The Star is the biggest casino in the city and among the biggest in the country. The building is impressive and conspicuous, the experience unforgettable and luxurious. The game offer is standard. You can enjoy Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and the usual casino games but in glamorous surroundings. In case you are unaware, it is much more than a casino. It is a luxurious resort. Therefore, you can expect top-notch accommodations, fancy restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as a Hollywood-worthy casino. 

City Tattersalls Club

If you prefer places with a long tradition, this is the one for you to consider. The club has existed for over 120 years and held a place among the city’s prominent centres. The atmosphere is fancy but serene. It is a perfect choice for people who strive for elegance wrapped in a quieter, more intimate ambience. Enjoy a less hectic but still glamorous casino time in this amazing club, with good food, music, and a company of your choice. 

The Holland America Cruise Line-Noordam

What is better than enjoying a glamorous casino experience onboard? Sounds good? Try the Holland America Cruise Line-Noordam. Play all of the iconic casino games, try some delicious meals, drink the beverage of your choice, and have a blast with your family or friends. 

The Regent Seven Seas Voyager Casino

This fascinating and famous casino is among the most well-known in Australia. The atmosphere is memorable and unique, the games diverse, and the overall experience unforgettable. If you want to experience a real Australian casino, this must be near the top of your list. 

Horse Racing 

Perhaps you are a horse racing enthusiast. In that case, try Warwick Farm Racecourse, Canterbury Park Racecourse, or Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. Sydney is a great place for horse racing lovers, so you will have the time of your life. The racecourses, just like the above-mentioned casinos, all include restaurants and other entertainment options for your full enjoyment. 


Sydney is not the only place to visit when it comes to having a good gambling time. If you find yourself near Perth, there are several nice options for your enjoyment. Let’s check them out!

Crown Perth

This fascinating gambling resort is situated in Burswood. There is plenty of fun to be had and beauty to appreciate if you decide to visit it. It offers a resort, a nightclub, ballrooms, a theatre, restaurants, and bars. Do you want a full, luxurious experience? Here it is. 

Other Casinos

If you want to enjoy a casino night but are not interested in resort options, check out Hot Flush Casino or Fat Cat Casino. You don’t need a full luxurious vacation if that is not your thing or you lack the budget. You can just enjoy sightseeing and occasionally visit a local casino for a night of good fun. 

Highlighting the Features of the Australian Casino Experience

There are plenty of places for you to visit in Australia when it comes to gambling. But what can you expect, generally speaking? Without further ado, here are the features of Australia’s favourite casinos.


Whether you like a flashy, loud, exciting atmosphere or are more of an intimate ambience type, you will find the right casino for you. Whether you plan a casino resort or just a night of fun, something can be found to satisfy your specific needs. 

Game Variety

All of the casinos offer the favourite standard games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Slot machines. 


If you opt for a resort, you will get a hotel and a casino all in one.

Dining and Wining 

Casino resorts come with much more than just a playroom. You get bars, nightclubs, and restaurants to embellish the overall experience. 

A Luxurious and a Budget Option

Regardless of your budget, you can have a great time with your trip. You don’t need to stay in a luxurious resort to have some nice casino time. It can be combined with cheap hostels, street food, and local bars. Whether you are a wealthier customer with a desire for a full luxurious experience or an adventurer who travels cheaply with a group of friends, you will find what to do in Australia.

Not a fan of live casinos at all? No problem. Take your laptop or smartphone and access your favourite online casino. To learn about the fastest withdrawal options in Australian online casinos, read this article.

Travel Tips for Australian Gambling Tourists


If you are using an online casino, check the location restrictions to ensure you will have no problem accessing the desired casino. If you happen to find yourself on the restricted list, you might try a famous local online casino. However, don’t forget to inquire about transfers, taxes, and regulations because they might be different. 

Visit Tripadvisor or Another Site With Useful Guides 

Anything you wish to know about a location, regardless of your specific interests, can be found online. Sites like Tripadvisor offer a plethora of lists. Whether you are into resorts, places to eat, cultural locations, ghost tours, or gambling, you will find great advice and reviews directly from other tourists. 

Join an Online Group

Online travelling groups often share great tips about locations or activities. You can find one on most social media. 

Set a Gambling Budget

People can exaggerate on vacations. If you plan to cruise between casinos, the best way to stay in the clean is to plan your budget. Set aside the money for gambling. You don’t want to lose too much, especially in a foreign land. 

Consult Reviews

Just like with any casino, user reviews are always useful. Yes, sometimes they are not fully realistic. People can overreact over something they haven’t properly checked, like terms and conditions. However, if objective, they will provide you with the inside information.

Different Rules

Take into account the possible differences between betting/gambling. Although, many casino-related things are somewhat universal, there are some location-specific things you must not neglect.

Travel Bonuses

People who often travel can take advantage of various bonuses and discounts. As you save on your ticket or accommodations, you can use the extra money for betting. 

Don’t Neglect Security

To keep your info safe, it is much better to use your own devices rather than any other because of personal data protection. Using public networks or available devices makes you more vulnerable to hackers and data theft. Also, take good care of your passwords.

Need some extra tips on how to find the best online casinos while travelling? Click here to find out more. 


Betting travels are as fun as any other type of tourism. However, one needs to take some precautions to ensure the best possible experience. Set your limit, learn about the local laws, keep your data and devices safe, and have a sound plan for potential winnings. Vacations are amazing, but visiting a foreign country is always a risk and requires some attention and caution. 

Depending on your budget, you can enjoy luxurious live casinos, ordinary casinos, or online casinos. Combine them with food, drink, company, and any other type of fun you prefer. Still, do not let the excitement overwhelm you. You want your experience to be as safe as it is entertaining. Enjoy your Australian gambling trip and make the most of it. 

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