Achieving Happiness Through Daily Activities


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Attaining happiness isn’t a simple task, yet it remains a universal pursuit for us all.

Each year, on March 20th, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated—a day initiated by Jayme Illien to inspire everyone to pause and contribute to the collective happiness and well-being of humanity.

Amid our passions, be it work or study, an excess of any one thing can be overwhelming.

It’s effortless to get absorbed in work or family responsibilities and lose sight of the fundamental reason for our relentless effort—to lead a content and satisfying life.

This year’s theme for the International Day of Happiness is “Build Back Happier,” urging individuals to prioritize self-compassion on this day.

Not certain what that entails? Here’s a curated list of straightforward methods to enhance personal happiness.

Take 10 deep breaths

Initially seeming trivial, taking 10 deep breaths is a fundamental step towards personal happiness.

In the hustle of daily life, we often neglect to pause and relax, forgetting the purpose behind our stress-inducing tasks. This brief moment of deep breathing in a tranquil space enables the release of worries, fostering a sense of inner peace.

This practice signals the brain to relax, easing tense muscles and promoting positive thinking. A simple act with profound benefits, especially aiding those grappling with anxiety.

Breathe deeply.

Smile more

The age-old advice of smiling more holds weight—it can be infectious.

Daily smiles trigger a chemical response that uplifts moods, potentially transforming the entire day and influencing others positively. Smiling not only boosts the immune system but also alleviates stress.

A positive perspective on daily challenges can diminish their stress-inducing impact. Smiling acts as a signal to the brain, creating a sense of happiness and encouraging a similar response in others.

The simple act of smiling holds remarkable power for personal change.

Keep smiling and stay happy.

Appreciate yourself

Valuing oneself is essential for personal happiness. Instead of seeking external validation, acknowledging personal growth and achievements is vital. Often, we compare ourselves to others, fostering imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

Appreciating oneself involves recognizing personal worth and accomplishments. Reflecting on past achievements and personal progress helps foster a positive mindset. Treating oneself with the same kindness as one would extend to a friend is key to self-appreciation.

Appreciate yourself and your journey.

Practice meditation and spirituality

Meditation serves as a powerful tool for mental realignment and happiness. It allows for a non-judgmental examination of thoughts and provides clarity, aiding in problem-solving and creativity.

Spending time meditating fosters mental clarity and relaxation, making it easier to tackle daily challenges. Engaging in this practice for 20 minutes daily promotes a focused and rejuvenated approach to tasks.

Incorporating calming elements like incense or essential oils enhances the meditative experience.

If you’re looking to delve deeper into spirituality, consider someone like John de Ruiter, an author and spiritual mentor from Edmonton, Canada. He shares his teachings through books, videos and audio content. Alternatively, explore books like  “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” or Adyashanti’s books. Engaging with these resources can significantly broaden your spiritual perspective.

Spend time with your loved ones

Combatting depression and anxiety often involves withdrawing from social interactions. Yet, engaging with loved ones at least once a week can be transformative.

Maintaining meaningful relationships outside of obligatory tasks significantly contributes to overall happiness. Despite the challenges mental health issues present, scheduling regular social time with friends or family can uplift one’s spirits.

Making time for loved ones is invaluable amidst the comfort of solitude.

Enjoy a lazy day but cherish moments with loved ones—they are irreplaceable.

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