Broken Rice: Types and Health Benefits

Broken rice, also known as ground rice, refers to the fragments of rice grain obtained by milling. This type of rice is separated after the phase of polishing, and it carries the same chemical composition as white rice.

As a food, it is primarily energetic in nature, as its major elements are carbohydrates.

Broken rice is also commonly used as animal fodder. It is usually used in the manufacture of feed for young animals and for pets. As it is easy to use and high in calories. Besides, this type of rice is used for all types of livestock and is specifically suitable, because of its rich caloric value and low fibre content. For instance, in the case of dogs, the rice is heat-treated, as this has an advantageous effect on bowel health and the consistency of the faeces. It is also used in brewing production, where it is mixed with barley.

Additionally, it is used in the production of arak and is a raw material for rice flour, used in breakfast cereals, baby food, rice wine,sake, and rice liquor. Also, it is suitable for coeliacs as it does not contain any gluten.

There are various types of broken rice, that you can find at the best broken rice suppliers in India. However, here are some major types: 

  • Brown Broken Rice

This particular type of rice is used as an ingredient in the food industry for products that want to provide extra fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Fibre-rich foods are more gratifying and are digested at a slow speed, so they are usually included in the formation of food products for human consumption like rice drinks, cereals, and snacks essentially intended for thin diets. Brown broken rice can help in progressing intestinal function and cases of constipation in some breeds of dogs and other animals by a balanced order for their diet. 

  • Puffed Broken Rice

This type of rice is obtained by a vaporisation procedure that extends the structure of the cereal by giving it a crunchy texture. It is also a common component in products like energy bars, sweet and savoury snacks, chocolate bars, breakfast cereals, or cakes. It also contributes to the production of nutritionally balanced foods for pets.

Health Benefits of Broken Rice 

  • Helps in Losing Weight

Besides being a healthy diet for animals, eating broken rice is also good for humans, especially those who want to lose weight and want to maintain a good physique. As brown broken rice has a high fibre content, that will make you lose weight moderately, as your digestive system will no longer have to work hard to process it. Moreover, the fibre content prevents the body from storing extra fats. And we all know how bad extra fat is because it is a kind of substance that can make you apt to several types of diseases and health issues.

  • Helps Strengthen Your Arteries

In addition to helping you to lose weight, broken rice is also good for the health of your heart. Since it is full of potassium, you can keep your heart rhythm steady and develop your cardiac functions. Moreover, by having broken rice, you will be able to strengthen your arteries and the muscles in your heart. Most nutritionists and diet experts suggest eating it on a regular basis.

  • Helps with Constipation

As mentioned above, having broken rice on a regular basis is a natural remedy for those who suffer from constipation. Constipation is mainly caused by toxins in your body. Usually, these toxins build up in the colon and retain the nutrients that should go into the bloodstream. And gradually, the toxins will weaken your immune system. So, to stop this, the colon must be cleaned properly, and broken rice is the best solution for constipation.

  • Provides Essential Minerals and Vitamins

If you are one of those people who think that taking supplements is the only way to get the desired health benefits, then you are wrong. However, there are several benefits to eating broken rice. For example, broken rice does not only help you get rid of your extra fat, but it also helps you to improve your bowel functions. And the best thing about this type of rice is that it is easy to prepare and cook.

  • Prevents Ulcers

As it is already mentioned that broken rice is rich in nutrition and because of its rich nutritional content, it helps toughen your bones and joints. It can help to improve your blood circulation and can also prevent ulcers. That is the reason why most nutritionists recommend making broken rice a natural share of your meals.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the highest quality and different variety of broken rice from the best-broken rice suppliers in India and start preparing your own and your pets’ healthy meals from today onwards.

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