World Food Safety Day 2024: Safe Dining Tips for Pregnant Mothers

Hyderabad, 07 June 2024: With the alarming increase in cases of gastroenteritis, loose stools, and jaundice in pregnant women in the twin cities, Fernandez Hospital has issued a guidance note on safe eating habits this World Food Safety Day.

Dr Latha Sashi, Head, Dept of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, shared that, “As we celebrate World Food Safety Day with this year’s theme, ‘Prepare for the Unexpected’, it is essential to highlight the importance of food safety for pregnant women dining out. Expectant mothers must take extra precautions to avoid health risks such as gastroenteritis, loose stools, and jaundice.”

Few key safety measures to follow are:
– Select restaurants known for cleanliness and food safety. Check online reviews.
– Order dishes that are freshly cooked and served hot. Drink only bottled water with intact seals or boiled water.
– Ensure all seafood is well-cooked to prevent bacterial contamination. Avoid pre-packaged salads from stores or buffets, as they may have been sitting out for a long time and are more prone to bacterial contamination.
– Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating. Use a hand sanitiser containing at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not available. Consume food while it is still hot.
– Street food should be avoided as it often lacks proper hygiene standards. Avoid all raw foods or drinks (like pani puri water, jal jeera, sugarcane juice, and sprouts) when eating outside.
– Avoid eating leftovers, especially if they have not been stored and reheated properly.

By following these guidelines and being prepared for the unexpected, pregnant women can enjoy dining out safely while minimising risks to their health and that of their baby.