YogiFi: Revolutionizing yoga and mindfulness movement in India through AI technology


New Delhi: After a successful launch coinciding with India’s 75th Independence day, YogiFi, the Smart Yoga Mat, is looking at capturing the growing hybrid fitness market potential in India, with a nationwide footprint it has already secured in 15 locations within just two months of the product launch. The company is eyeing a growth of 30% this year and they are confident about shipping tens of thousands of smart yoga mats within the country as well as globally through their eco-friendly and sustainable Make-in-India manufacturing set-up in Bengaluru.

Wellnesys, the tech startup behind YogiFi, has been receiving significant interest from corporates, education, healthcare providers and hospitality (five-star hotels and spa chains). The company is also forging strategic alliance with top yoga university and premier research institutions in their endeavour to deliver an evidence based yoga system through artificial intelligence technologies and to make authentic at-home yoga practice accessible to everyone and to all the extreme corners of the nation.

Speaking to the correspondent, Wellnesys Founder & CEO, Muralidhar Somisetty says “Pandemic indeed shifted the gears accelerating the adoption of at-home fitness tech. We expected orders from only Metros, but to our pleasant surprise, we got orders from the Tier-2 cities and Tier-3 towns as of today. We were truly excited to see the digital transformation happening for real across the country.”

YogiFi was already in the western market before being exclusively launched in India, with a customer footprint in 17 nations globally. In India, the start-up has sold the product direct-to-consumer through their own shopping website and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale, and their limited stock got sold out within the first week with 5-star reviews and testimonials from their customers.

YogiFi smart mat has been revolutionizing the fitness and mindfulness movement across the nation. Post pandemic, Indians seem to have become more health conscious than ever, a trend observed with increase in quarterly sales of fitness trackers, at-home fitness equipment. YogiFi has indeed raised curiosity within the society as to how yoga postures can be corrected with artificial intelligence enabled smart yoga mat.