6 Hottest Gardening Trends This Summer

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If you have tried various gardening trends, you know how it feels like to get your plants and flowers thriving. Even if it’s just a fad that will likely come and go, following it will all be worth it if you can see why it became a trend in the first place.

Nothing is wrong with joining the bandwagon if it gives you the garden of your dreams. Here are the 6 hottest gardening trends you might want to follow this summer.

  1. Be Creative With Your Containers

Getting creative with the existing containers in your garden will work wonders. It is not exactly a new concept, but it will remain a rising trend since everyone and anyone can do it regardless of their skill in gardening or the size of their gardens. You can even add unused wooden pallets for an added touch. Of course, you can also contact a wooden pallet supplier in Mississauga if you’re up on spending a little.

  1. Provide Outdoor Space for Pets

There are two possible scenarios for this: either the outdoors can be a risky area for pets to play around, or the outdoors are too well-kept that your pets are no longer allowed to play around. And since most of us are at home with our pets, it only makes sense to build a space where you can play with them without affecting your indoor work.

That is why gardening for pets is a growing trend these days. Such trends involve landscaping for dogs that lets them do their patrol rounds or zoomies. You can also incorporate a unique patio or “catio” for your cats where they can lay undisturbed under the sun. Just determine your fur baby’s needs, and more ideas will flow.

  1. Boost Your Home’s Value and Curb Appeal

Who does not want to go home to a lovely home with a curb appeal enhanced by flowers and greeneries? Improving and boosting one’s curb appeal will be a trend that will not cease since it can also improve and increase a home’s value.

You can add flowering and foundation shrubs to enhance the welcoming feel of your home or add planters to every window. The possibilities are endless, so you can always look forward to coming home every day to a well-invested front yard garden.

  1. Gardening for the Environment

Gardening for a changing climate is set to continue to be a key trend nowadays. More and more people are now creating more ecological gardens to cope with the extreme weather conditions across the globe.

This trend includes adding a sprinkler system in Oakville. It also enables you to be mindful of your resources, such as conserving water by allowing excess water to be collected and then distributed through the soil.

  1. Extended Indoor Space

Most of our interior living areas have expanded into the outdoors, thanks to the popularity of gardens.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming integrated with a home’s interior living, all thanks to the trend of grassless gardens. In the same manner that we decorate our living rooms with couches, carpets, and pillows on our patios, this trend allows you to decorate your outdoor spaces the same way you decorate your homes.

One of the common ways to do so is by incorporating brightly coloured items and furnishings where homeowners and guests can hang out like they would in an indoor living room.

  1. Outdoor Home Offices

Many companies have chosen to continue work-from-home or hybrid setups even in 2022. It makes sense for an outdoor home office to become a trend, and if you work from home, you should consider this practice. You can create a workplace on your patio, yard, or deck. The best thing about this trend is that you will look good with natural lighting during your Zoom or Skype meetings.

You can still achieve privacy by having dense plantings that will muffle noise and block out the view of your neighbours. You can have a tree for shade, of course, and you may want to check these trees for sale in Oakville.

There are still a ton of gardening ideas you may want to apply for the summer. But if you start with these 6 trends, you are in for something great.

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