#MoreThanBara is Indian women’s new anthem!


On August 15th, actor-author Twinkle Khanna digitally launched a nation-wide campaign called
‘Anaemia-Free India’ with the aim to spread awareness on this widespread condition that barely gets spoken about. A month later, the campaign is creating waves on social media with scores of Indian women, ranging from professionals and influencers to homemakers and new mothers, making sweet noise by performing to the catchy ‘Main Hoon More Than Bara’ jingle.

The jingle catches the spirit of the campaign with its short, direct and effective messaging of
‘More Than Bara’. According to globally accepted standards, a person should have haemoglobin levels in excess of 12. The initiative is, step by step, working towards ensuring we are on the right path to eliminate anaemia, which affects over 50% of children, women and pregnant women in India. Anaemia is a condition in which a person has low red blood cells, which in turn, reduces the iron content. If not controlled, anaemia can lead to several more serious diseases and is especially dangerous for pregnant women. The ‘Anaemia-Free India’ campaign elaborates the crucial steps in winning this war against the condition, like Awareness (Pehla Kadam, Sab se Eham), and action (More Than Bara).

The jingle has been a runaway success, thanks to its simplicity and impactful packaging. The simple hand gesture to signify ‘more than’, effectively helps the participants to indicate that their iron levels are a healthy ‘More Than Bara’. It has become extremely popular, like the new-age sign of women celebrating their good health. Women from even the farthest pockets of India are participating, truly taking the awareness to the places where it matters the most. If you want to know how India is practically jiggling her way to better health, follow and even participate in the #MoreThanBara campaign. Dance, act and perform to your fancy because the floor is yours. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get your tests done and ensure you are #MoreThanBara!