Alianza de Futbol Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Exciting New Initiatives and Expansions

Alianza de Futbol

CHICAGO, June 20, 2024 – Alianza de Futbol, the largest Hispanic soccer program in the U.S., proudly celebrates its 20th anniversary. Founded on the mission to create transformative soccer journeys, Alianza has grown from a single tournament in Dallas, Texas, in 2004 to a multi-dimensional program engaging nearly 22,000 Hispanic soccer players across the country in 2023. This milestone year is marked by exciting expansions and new initiatives.

The 2024 celebration includes an eight-city tour across major Hispanic markets, featuring five competitive programs: Verizon Copa Alianza, Ford Copita Alianza, Allstate Sueño Alianza, Vix Alianza Femenial, and a special 5v5 tournament. With over 1,100 teams participating, these events highlight Alianza’s commitment to providing opportunities for aspiring soccer players. The prestigious Allstate Sueño Alianza program has launched the professional careers of over 95 players, including Santi Muñoz, Jonathan González, and Mauricio Isais.

This year also sees the expansion of Alianza de Futbol with the launch of “Alianza Select,” an affiliate program that will extend the Alianza experience to more cities, ensuring a broader reach and impact. Off the field, Alianza will expand investment in player development with initiatives like Access U, a mentorship program for college players, and a new Leadership Forum, which aims to provide life and leadership skill enhancement opportunities to participants. These programs underscore Alianza’s holistic approach to talent development.

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, Alianza de Futbol is releasing a special merchandise line, “Para La Cultura,” allowing the community to celebrate this significant milestone and the community at large. Alianza has received tremendous support from long-standing corporate partners, including Allstate, Ford, Verizon, adidas, Gatorade, and Vix. Additionally, Alianza welcomes its newest sponsor, King’s Hawaiian.

Reflecting on the journey, Ernesto Bruce, CEO of For Soccer, said, “Our 20th anniversary is a true testament to the unwavering dedication and passion of the Alianza players, families, coaches, and staff. What started in the early 2000s as a mission to increase soccer access and exposure for all has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Over these two decades, we’ve proudly witnessed the incredible growth of soccer, significantly driven by the Hispanic community. Their passion and influence have been pivotal in shaping soccer in America. We’re deeply honored to support their journey and look forward to continuing to grow the Alianza community, celebrating the vibrant, diverse communities that make soccer so special.”

As part of For Soccer, the preeminent soccer marketing, media, and experiences company in North America, Alianza de Futbol continues to expand its impact within the Hispanic community. The 20th anniversary marks not only a celebration of past achievements but also a launchpad for future endeavors, reinforcing Alianza’s leading role in shaping the landscape of Hispanic soccer in the U.S.

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