Crejo.Fun supports UNESCO MGIEP’s global campaign #KindnessMatters

Crejo.Fun supports UNESCO MGIEP’s global campaign #KindnessMatters

India: Kindness is one of the greatest human virtues for sustaining society’s civility. To acknowledge and appreciate acts of kindness in children,, India’s renowned online learning platform of Extracurricular Activities, is supporting UNESCO MGIEP’s global campaign #KindnessMatters by encouraging kids to share their day-to-day acts of kindness with the world.

CANVAS,’s distinguished creative offering, is exclusively designed for kids networking and sharing ingenious efforts with their friends & family. It allows users to engage on other posts and explore talented superstars on the platform. As a part of the campaign, kids can share three types of stories around kindness for self, others, and nature via photos, videos, and notes. Besides showcasing their kind-hearted upbringing to the world, all the participants will get certificates from Crejo.Fun.

By participating in this global campaign, kids stand a chance to be recognized as Kindness Champions, Advocates, and Influencers, and win exclusive certificates for the same. Experts from UNESCO MGIEP will also interact with the kids on their submissions on CANVAS. Some of the best submissions will get a chance to be featured on the UNESCO MGIEP #KindnessMatters campaign page.

Carina Racine, Consultant, #KindnessMatters, UNESCO MGIEP says, “At UNESCO MGIEP we believe in creating connections which strengthen the culture of kindness. We launched the #KindnessMatters Global Campaign to gather stories of youth undertaking acts of kindness to create a positive culture of compassion. We wanted to show the world that every person’s selfless act mattered. The campaign celebrates K3 – Kindness for self, others, and nature. We are very proud to have collected over 1 million acts of kindness shared by young people around the world. These stories are simple, inspiring, and remarkable in their own ways and just prove to us that kindness matters every day”

Commenting on the same, Ankit Agarwal, Co-founder of Crejo.Fun, said, “Childhood is a foundational ground of inculcating values and ethics in children. One of the principal values is kindness, which we need to teach kids right from an early age. Every small act of kindness, when acknowledged and appreciated, leads to bigger acts in the future. So, this way, we help raise a responsible and good human by encouraging such acts. Therefore, proudly supports UNESCO MGIEP’s unique global campaign and invites daily kindness stories on its platform.” never shies away from introducing fun, creative, and educational acts for children. It recently conducted an online session on Climate Change, in which experts from UNESCO MGIEP spoke to the kids about the impact of Climate Change on our emotions.