Kickstarter Success poised to disrupt Fitness Industry in Singapore

SINGAPORE, June 17, 2024  — Launched on Kickstarter on November 9, 2021, the startup Speediance has quickly gained traction in the fitness world, recently securing Pre-A funding to accelerate its growth and revolutionize smart home fitness. The Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success, raising over $1 million from backers eager to bring this innovative product to market. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of self-sustainability, as people adapted to working and exercising at home when gyms were closed.


Changing the Fitness Landscape

Traditionally, the fitness industry has relied heavily on gym memberships and a variety of specialised equipment. However, during the pandemic, numerous home workout options emerged, ranging from YouTube videos to equipment like the Peloton bike. Despite these advancements, resistance training remained largely unaddressed, particularly in space-constrained areas like Singapore, where having bulky gym equipment is impractical.

Speediance Smart Home Gym is poised to radically disrupt this industry by introducing the ability to have a fully functional home gym set up on just the side of an average-sized fridge. Historically, most resistance workouts involved lifting heavy concrete blocks or metal plates. Speediance, however, employs magnetic resistance technology and intelligent software to create customizable weight experiences ranging from 0.5 kg to 100 kg at the push of a button. This new approach provides a seamless and efficient experience, making resistance training more accessible for home users.

Financial Considerations: Speediance vs. Gym Memberships

In Singapore, the cost of gym memberships can be significant. On average, a mid-range gym membership can be quite costly per month, while high-end gyms can charge even more. Over a year, this translates to a substantial expense on gym memberships alone.

Instead of recurring gym membership fees, Speediance requires a one-time purchase. For the cost equivalent to one to two years of a high-end gym membership, users receive a comprehensive fitness solution.

  • All-in-One Solution: Speediance eliminates the need for multiple pieces of gym equipment, offering a full range of resistance training options.
  • Convenience: Having Speediance at home eliminates commuting to the gym, saving both time and transportation costs. This is particularly beneficial for busy parents and executives.
  • Personalized Training: The integrated screen with pre-recorded sessions led by personal trainers offers a guided and motivational workout experience, similar to what personal trainers provide at gyms, usually at an additional cost.

Technological Innovation

Speediance’s use of magnetic resistance technology and intelligent software marks a significant advancement in home fitness equipment. This technology allows for precise and easily adjustable resistance levels, catering to various fitness needs and goals. The addition of pre-recorded sessions led by personal trainers further enhances the user experience, providing structured and engaging workouts.

Global Expansion and Future of Fitness

Since its successful launch, Speediance has grown into a global brand, now available in over 36 countries worldwide. This expansion signals a potential shift in the fitness industry as more people discover the benefits of smart home fitness solutions. The traditional gym model might face new challenges due to the convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of products like Speediance.

With its innovative approach and successful Kickstarter campaign, Speediance is poised to play a crucial role in this evolving landscape, making advanced resistance training accessible to a broader audience across the globe.