Top 3 Edtech Platforms enhancing teacher competencies through upskilling programs

The key to success in the modern professional domains lies in constant upskilling. Skill-based professions are in constant need to upskill the workforce, and while underappreciated, educators are posed with the challenge of honing their skills to supplement the growing demands of teaching.

India is going through a massive overhaul of the entire learning experience. From changing syllabi to standing at par with the global standards in educating youth. Teachers are facing the challenge of learning new skills to close the generation gap and become technology and data-driven, while implementing these new strategies in their professions. This rapid transformation of the education sector is being highlighted by new-age technologies taking centre stage, with student expectations witnessing an unimaginable change. As educators play a critical role in shaping the generations of tomorrow, ensuring an interactive learning experience has become imperative for a successful teaching strategy. EdTech firms are addressing this gap with innovative ideas to upskill educators while offering in-depth programs that have been carefully crafted to enable teachers to amplify their strategies inside classrooms and career prospects. Here are the top 3 EdTech platforms that have been instrumental in enhancing teacher competencies through specialised upskilling programs.


Suraasa is a skill-tech and job-tech platform focused on teachers’ career growth that is disrupting the teacher education and teacher recruitment industry globally. It is the world’s first career growth platform for teachers and is on a mission to upskill & build a network of 1 million highly skilled teachers globally; who have top-of-the-class teaching skills and are high-in-demand, commanding better salaries, and growing fast professionally. The firm is on a mission to create a world where teacher growth becomes the norm, not the exception.

Since 2017, Suraasa has impacted 4,00,000+ teachers from 90+ nationalities globally. The company helps educators with mentorship and upskilling programs, enabling them to connect with premier educational institutions. It serves the global teaching community via its web, iOS & Android apps. Its incredible success in upskilling and transforming educators in India has enabled them to expand beyond national borders, to the United Arab Emirates, and the USA.


A comprehensive AI-driven classroom technology firm that offers numerous benefits for educators. Teachmint assists teachers in upskilling themselves to provide an interactive and engaging classroom experience. It boasts a huge library with more than 2 million assessment questions and ensures a global standard in content. It also helps educators with new-age digital classroom management tools that enhance interaction by students. The firm also helps teachers with improved communication strategies through cutting-edge tools, ensuring they can offer an inclusive learning environment. This helps teachers to strategically save time to plan lessons, while also allowing them to monitor student progress digitally. The company also offers customised solutions for coaching, higher education and independent educators.


An online teaching platform carefully designed to help teachers highlight their abilities and interact with a wider set of audience. Classplus offers live classes and offers a platform where teachers are assisted to simplify pre and post-classroom management strategies. They also help educators with the necessary digital tools and resources to become future-ready, thus improving their connection with students.