Lomotif Launches #Beyoutiful, A Campaign To Showcase That Beauty Is Inclusive, Unique And Intrinsic

India: We are all lucky to be here on this earth at such an interesting time. A time when age-old conversations and shallow definitions are changing. Amongst all of that, one of the key things is the way we perceive and define beauty. The world is changing, and we are moving towards a society where mental health is emphasised, with more people acknowledging the depth of the word “beautiful”. Staying true to that very premise, on the occasion of International Beauty Day, Lomotif announces its latest campaign #BEYOUtiful. The worldwide initiative that starts from September 9-26 aims to have creators around the world celebrate inner beauty and showcase how beauty is different, diverse and inclusive.

Beauty is everywhere and in every form. Appreciating and cherishing the tiny moments in life by celebrating the beauty that is all around us, Lomotif’s #BEYOUtiful campaign will present creators with the opportunity to capture the essence of what beauty means to them, from an old couple laughing, acts of kindness, to a crimson sunset. All one has to do is to subscribe to the official channel and share their videos using the hashtag #BEYOUtiful. At the end of the campaign, the three users with the most likes on their video will get to win a gender-neutral beauty box for both inner and outer beauty.

Beauty is nuanced, beauty is diverse, beauty is ever-evolving. It’s time to take back the power of the word and rejuvenate it’s archaic ring by being #BEYOUtiful with Lomotif. Even the smallest act of self-love is beautiful, whether it’s spreading stories of body positivity or feeding that starving street puppy. “Looking at beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind.” – Amit Ray. Lomotif believes this is true.

Speaking about the campaign, Paul Yang, Co-Founder & CEO, Lomotif said, “Through the #BEYOUtiful campaign, we want to inspire our users to celebrate beauty in a unique way by sharing what beauty means to them.” The platform seeks to inspire individuals to send a positive message about how they view beauty and to reject the traditional definitions of beauty that have been prevalent in the past. We aim to assist and raise beauty standards by establishing a new trend of recognizing and emphasizing beauty in the everyday things in our daily lives.