Kubernetes will turn 10 in June 2024

cloud computing

Kubernetes, the open source platform for deploying and managing containerized applications, is celebrating its 10th birthday on June 6, 2024. The Kubernetes and cloud native community will come together globally to celebrate the decade and look forward to the future.

Shahar Azulay, CEO and Co-Founder of groundcover which is reinventing the cloud-native application performance monitoring domain with eBPF:

“Kubernetes has shown its capacity to manage a wide range of tasks, yet its complexity necessitates substantial setup and continuous maintenance. Much like how Linux evolved into a dependable operating system, I foresee Kubernetes becoming a more user-friendly abstraction layer. With Kubernetes adoption continuing to grow a decade in, the importance of efficiency and cost optimization is increasing. Over the next decade, emerging technologies will aid in cost reduction, as cloud provider costs remain the highest, followed by observability solutions, which can add up to 25% more. Cost-effective solutions for log management, metrics, and full tracing will become crucial, emphasizing decoupling volume from pricing models. eBPF-based monitoring solutions are leading this shift in the Kubernetes space, a trend that will become more prominent in the years ahead.”

Some benefits of Kubernetes for hybrid cloud models include:
  • Consistency across on-premise and public cloud
  • Portability of workload across platforms
  • Automation of provisioning processes spanning data center and cloud
  • Automated scaling of computing resources to maintain performance 
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