Principled Technologies Releases New Report Showing That IT Admins Can Deploy Operating Systems and Drivers to PCs

Durham, NC, November 27, 2023 — The process of deploying and managing a large fleet of laptops can be time-consuming and complicated. Many IT administrators strive to simplify deployment and management as much as possible. They may worry that deploying laptops in a mixed-CPU environment—or an environment with processors from a different OEM—will make their jobs more difficult. PT compared the time and effort it took to deploy operating systems on two laptops with AMD processors and nearly identical laptops with Intel processors. They found that whether they used a traditional approach with Microsoft Configuration Manager or a modern approach with Windows Autopilot, the process took nearly the same amount of hands-on time and number of steps.

According to the report, “With the identical process and almost the same hands-on time required regardless of processor, our testing shows that you can set aside your concerns about the need for two disparate deployment processes in a mixed-CPU environment. Predictable and nearly identical experiences can translate to IT teams spending less time learning new processes and more time moving your organization forward with helpful user support, strong security procedures, and new tech initiatives.”