Taapsee Pannu Joins Noise’s ‘Watch Her Shine’ Campaign, Empowering Women to Embrace Confidence Through Smartwatch Accessories

New Delhi, 3rd June 2024: Encouraging women to shine in every aspect of their lives, Noise, India’s leading connected lifestyle brand, has announced its latest campaign, “Watch Her Shine,” featuring its brand ambassador, actor Taapsee Pannu. This campaign is launched alongside the introduction of a curated collection, “Shine by Noise”, featuring Noise smartwatches hand-picked for women. The campaign is designed to empower women through wearable technology, instilling confidence as they accessorize with smartwatches that seamlessly blend style and innovation.

Inspiring a sense of confidence in women, the digital film showcases a curated collection of stylish smartwatches designed with their needs in mind. Featuring Taapsee Pannu, who embodies the essence of the contemporary woman – confident, vibrant, and unstoppable – the film highlights how Noise smartwatches complement her dynamic lifestyle. It reinforces that smartwatches are not just tech accessories but a means to steal the show with confidence, reflecting women’s aspirations and inspiring them to embrace wearable tech as a part of their everyday lives.

The latest campaign is aimed at inspiring and empowering modern women to take confident strides in their health and lifestyle journey, underscoring the brand’s mission to democratise tech and enable consumers to upgrade their lives with meaningful innovation.

In today’s world, women are deeply invested in their health and fitness, constantly striving for a better lifestyle. For the ones who are constantly on the go and want to carve out time for themselves, smartwatches can become a reliable companion, inspiring them to kickstart their journey to wellness and achieve optimal results. Recognizing this, Noise seeks to integrate smartwatches seamlessly as women’s go-to tech accessories through this campaign. Featuring a range of options in design, strap styles, colours, and functionalities that reflect their individuality, this collection of smartwatches enables women to take control of their lifestyle and shine in every aspect of their lives.