BRIDGE IN Raises €100.000 in Pre-Seed Funding During the Pandemic

Lisbon, Portugal: BRIDGE IN, a new Portuguese startup, announced today having raised €100.000 in pre-seed funding from a group of British investors. With these funds, the startup will build a network platform to support the growth of distributed teams and advance their vision for the future of work.

“Starting a business during an economic downturn may seem ill-advised, but adaptability is key to survive market disruptions and startups are by default very agile and flexible, thus being better prepared to adjust quickly to the needs of the post-pandemic world,” said BRIDGE IN’s CEO and co-founder Pedro Henriques.

As the coronavirus pandemic forced companies of all sizes to embrace a remote workforce, the future of work will undoubtedly be more location agnostic. This is especially true for tech workers as their location is largely irrelevant. Opening the opportunity for tech companies to reorganize themselves into distributed teams, instead of having everyone commute to a single expensive office location.

“Just like in computing infrastructure, having distributed team hubs greatly increases company resilience while also enabling global operational support. The added bonus is being more cost-effective and broadening the talent pool to hire from,” commented Pedro. “After working almost 4 years in a Private Equity firm from Austin, TX, it has become painfully clear the impacts of tech talent shortage and how it can bring a company down.”

BRIDGE IN is now focused on helping startups open a tech hub in Portugal, following the footsteps of other companies like Cloudflare, Salsify or Dashlane. Portugal provides a strategic location bridging US and EU markets and offers a good cost-benefit. Through their local expertise and partner network, BRIDGE IN will provide all the needed services to open the location, hire talent and start trading.

“Convenience is critical. If our vision of distributed team hubs is to be realized, supporting a global workforce needs to be as easy as possible. That’s why we want to build a market network platform to provide managers with a holistic view of their global assets and manage engagements with local partners,” said BRIDGE IN’s CEO. “Our plans include opening local operations in another country in 2021 and 3 additional locations by 2022. These locations will be selected based on our 10-point criteria for what constitutes a good tech hub, including obviously tech talent expertise and availability, but also English proficiency, country infrastructure, political stability, and standard of living.”