6 Tips To Safeguard Your Company Website From Hacking

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The Internet has taken over the world today. Its extensive reach makes everything available for us in the convenience of our homes. When you make a website for your company, you open the doors for everyone to access your information. There are people with malicious intent who try to steal your data. The hackers might want to destroy all your records, ruin your reputation or put a wrong message on your customers’ screens. Therefore, to help you protect the website of your company from hackers, here is a list of a few tips for the same.

  • Stay updated:

You need to have at least a somewhat basic knowledge about hacking to be able to protect your company website from the same. It is essential for you to stay up to date with the latest hacking threats. You should follow the most recent tech updates. You can use the information gained to put new precautions wherever needed.

  • Toughen up the access control:

The admin level of the website is a way into things that you do not want the hacker to see. Therefore, you must protect your site with login and passwords that no one can guess easily. You must change your default database prefix from ‘wp6’ to something else, which is more random. Hackers can hack the E-mail accounts as well; therefore, you must limit the number of login attempts within a specific period along with password resets. An unauthorized user can unfortunately gain access to your account on the company website in case you sent the login details for it by e-mail.

  • Keep Your system updated:

People update their systems only when it is essential as it costs money. Many people do not install the updates immediately. However, if a security vulnerability is a reason behind an upgrade, you must not delay it. If you slow it, then your system is exposed to the risk of attack in the interim period.

  • Tighten network security:

The computers, which you use in the company, might be providing an easy access route to the servers of your website. You should ensure that you frequently change the passwords. Make sure that they are strong and are never written down openly. Also, make sure to scan all external devices that you plug into the system for malware. You can read about Database Hacking to prevent your website being hacked.

  • Install security applications:

There are some free and a variety of paid security applications, which you can install. Such software can protect your business website from hackers. It protects you from automated hacking tools.

  • Limit file uploads:

File uploads remain to be a huge concern. One small bug or bigger one can still get through, even after you thoroughly checked the system. That bug can help the hacker gain unlimited access to the data of your website. A prudent way to simplify this issue is by preventing direct access to any uploaded files. You should keep the files stored outside the root directory. Also, you must use a script to access them whenever necessary.

Hence, you must have understood these tips will prove to be helpful in protecting your company website from hackers.