Face of the Nation: Young Entrepreneur – Mr. Amit Singh Sajwan, Founder and Director of Chef & Cuisines

Mr. Amit Singh SajwanFounder and Director of Chef & Cuisines

Young entrepreneurs are the face of the nation. Their sheer commitment and operationskills are sure to level upIndia’s competition with rest of the world.

Here we’re with Mr. Amit Sajwan, young but established entrepreneur in the catering industry. Currently he’s the Founder and Director of Chef &Cuisines.

Some excerpts from our conversation go like this:-

  1. Tell us something about your journey in this field?

A- I’ve not experienced a well guided journey though, but always thought of starting something of my own. I’d always keen in trying out new cuisines and landed up getting a Hospitality Bachelor’s degree.

  1. Having an established name in the hospitality industry from past 12 years, tell us what drives you to keep up the same attitude?

A- I think it’s always been the supportfrom my family and well wishers, their faith in me that still makes me wake up every morning with a thought to do something new this day.

  1. How was your initial journey like? Can we call it a struggle?

A- I’d rather prefer calling that a phase than my struggle period. I’ve got to learn so much after my bachelor’s degree when I worked in a bar and one or two more similar places to exactly analyze what it’s like and what’s all are liked by the crowd. I came to a conclusion that today’s generation need quality, so I decided to get that unmatched quality at my client’s service.

  1. Worked in a bar! That’s a surprise for us and delight to our readers. Tell us what happened after that?

A- Soon after getting acquainted with my ground work that is the crowd requirement analyzing, I assisted my paternal uncle, who is an established name himself in the catering business. I worked for him, developed good communication skills and contacts for a good business for my uncle. I got into operations to have an experience of all nooks and corner of this industry so that before starting some of my own I’ve gathered enough knowledge to work alone, if needed.

  1. Chef &Cuisines, your business, is doing wonders and people are known to trust your name. Is that true?

A- Yes. Having made enough business for my uncle, I started my own venture and had many people in my circle who were aware of my quality service. So when I got my first project, I’d put all my hard work in it and personally took care of all the operation activities, supervised the decorators, menu making, floweriest, food and beverages. After the event, I was told that the client had never seen such an arrangement in his entire life. He was full of gratitude, as it was his daughter’s wedding. So, he told me that he handed over the wedding responsibility to me as he was assured of my quality. That was really special time for me and since then, I’ve made quality my prime service to my clients.

  1. Is there anything else that you feel is needed to be known by other budding entrepreneurs?

A- Success comes with its own set of responsibilities. Inspite of my first event becoming a success, I’d always tried to nurture and maintain the quality. That’s a challenge in itself. So prepare yourself to pursue this challenge.