There may be multiple ways in which you can cheat slots machines in a traditional casino, but they are hugely risky and never guaranteed to work. Most slot machines have been adapted to prevent you from being able to cheat, but the more adaptations occur, the more cheaters want to be able to outdo the machines. So if you were really set on cheating a slot machine in a New UK Casino 666 Casino, what could you attempt to do?

How Can You Cheat at Slots?

The most popular ways to cheat at slots can include attempting to confuse the sensor in the payout area of the slot machine with the help of a so-called “light wand” which will enable a jackpot prize fund to be triggered when you have actually won anything at all.  You could use your phone to try and work out the pattern of spins that the slot machine uses before it pays out if you believe that there is a pattern at all or a pattern that you would understand.  Alternatively, you could try to use your advanced technical abilities to be able to rig the slots machine from the inside so that you can override its protection technology and bag yourself some decent jackpots.

To Cheat Or Not To Cheat?

Although many players debate whether the following method is cheating or not, it is common for players to walk around casinos to see if there is any loose change lying around.  This can be change that has fallen out of a machine by change or it could be winnings that a previous player has missed.  Why ever it is there is not really important, but it is common to see people pacing the floors to see if they can pick up a coin or two and be able to spin for free.  To many people, this is not necessarily cheating but is more a case of having a lucky free bet. Depending on how your moral compass points, some players will play the supposedly “lucky” coin or money left over on a machine purely because they think that they will stand more of a chance of winning with this money, but not everyone stands to believe this old tale! 

Why is it so Difficult to Cheat?

As there have been so many cheating attempts over the years and casinos were so hugely at risk, the security levels needed to be increased.  One of the largest ways in which casinos were cheated so frequently was on the slot machines, so it was here that the security was tightened fastest and hardest.  This led to the creation of the Random Number Generator being put into play, but in the traditional casinos and later in the online casinos.  This meant that players had no way of being able to cheat as there was the need for a randomly generated code to create a winning sequence which could not be fiddled by any other means.  This has prevented many big casinos losses and protected many players for gambling addictions, too.