Justice for Indian Police


By Chaitanya Rajput

The best of something is often ignored when we have it available to us all the time. India is a growing country and we’re all a part of the success of Her growth. But why do we forget to be a part of the small hard work that brings the change?

Why do we feel ignorant to the needs of our security personnel and absolutely feel so cold towards them?

Ever tried to talk to these armed and policemen? If yes, then just like me, you’ve felt a sense of understanding about the lives of these people and how much they miss out their important occasions, only to keep us secure.

One such instance I’d like to quote here: It was one scorching hot afternoon of April 2017, I saw a policeman near the traffic lights. I slowly walked up to him and asked him how is he managing in this weather? His face sulked a little and gently told me about his health condition which is adversely affected due to long working hours. He gasped when he started talking about what he faces every day, no time to give to his family, working hours stretched to 18 hours during any VIP duty or any sort of emergency.

It’s now like an everyday story to them. I was deeply shocked to see the humbleness of the police man. I saw the satisfaction on his face when he found someone to whom he could share his routine with, and who is a common man.

This is the story of so many police men out there in our country. After that day, I decided to silently protest in support of our men. So on 11th May 2017, I supported the cause of better working conditions for our police men on Sector 17 Plaza. With placards in my hands, and slogans written for our police, which the bystanders took complete notice.

I met somewhat 80-90 people and upon talking to them, I realised that the initiative I took was appreciated by all and somewhere in our hearts we want we all Indians want a betterment of the policemen.
I’d also like to mention that most of us don’t think much good about these people but see both sides and analyse what’s lacking. Hadn’t they been with us, we would have never felt so safe.

So what little could we do to show respect and care to these people? By asking them for water, food, or a small conversation about their day, hearing their grievances, abiding by the laws, and much more.

A data says, 76% of the Indian Police is facing health problems, like joint pain, back pain, sleeplessness, dehydration, obesity-related issues, and mostly due to these long working hours.

Let us acknowledge the sacrifices they make for all of us, so that we can sleep peacefully. We often blame them for their rudeness, but one step forward could make a lot of difference and doing this would make us feel proud of ourselves..