DNA Data Storage Alliance Announces New Board Members

Santa Clara, CA, June 20, 2024 –– The DNA Data Storage Alliance is expanding its governing board by welcoming Biomemory, Entegris, and Imagene to join current Board members Catalog, Quantum, Twist Bioscience, and Western Digital. Stéphane Lemaire, Chief Scientific Officer of Biomemory, Julien Muzard, Technologist, Life Sciences of Entegris, and Marthe Colotte, Director of Technology of Imagene have been appointed as representatives of their respective companies.

“The DNA Data Storage Alliance is now 40+ members strong, but it is just really starting,” said David Landsman, Co-Chair, DNA Data Storage Alliance Governing Board, and SNIA Board member. “The challenges of creating an interoperable DNA data storage ecosystem range from the basic write/read technology, to standards for interoperability, to storage system design, process automation, regulatory considerations, and more. We are excited to welcome Biomemory, Entegris, and Imagene to the DNA Data Storage Alliance Board. Their representatives will enhance the leadership of the Alliance. The capabilities and resources of their companies will support the Alliance’s mission of facilitating the development of DNA data storage solutions that can store massive datasets at low TCO over potentially 100s of years.”

Biomemory (www.biomemory.com) is a pure play DNA data storage startup that has a goal to develop end-to-end DNA data storage systems. “Biomemory recently introduced its first commercially available DNA data storage product – DNA Cards,” said Erfane Arwani, CEO of Biomemory. “However, to realize the vision of end-to-end DNA data storage solutions, an interoperable multivendor ecosystem is vital. We are pleased to join the DNA Data Storage Alliance Board and participate even more in bringing this ecosystem to life.”

Entegris (www.entegris.com) is a leading supplier of advanced materials and critical process solutions for the semiconductor, life sciences, and other high-tech industries. “Entegris is very excited to be joining the board of the DNA Data Storage Alliance,” said Julien Muzard, Technologist at Entegris. “Playing on the strengths in the microelectronics solutions we have been developing for years, Entegris can bring next generation chemicals, materials, and silicon-based fluidics management solutions to support the emergence of the DNA data storage ecosystem.”

Imagene (www.imagene.eu) has more than 20 years of expertise and experience in the room temperature storage and stability assessment of nucleic acids and biospecimens. “Imagene’s DNAshell® technology has proved its worth in many application fields and is being adopted by companies for DNA data storage,” explained Sophie Tuffet, CEO of Imagene. “Imagene believes we need to create a broad market with robust solutions to spur the growth of DNA data storage, a medium that can sustainably meet the exponential growth of digital data worldwide. Imagene has been actively involved in standards work within the Alliance, and its presence on the Board will strengthen our involvement.”