eBikeGo to provide complete mobility solution to delivery companies using AI and IoT enabled e-scooters

India’s unemployment rate has spiked up from 8.7% in March 2020 to 27.1% in May 2020. Out of the 122 million who have lost their jobs, 91.3 million are small traders and labourers. Among them, a fairly significant number of 17.8 million are salaried workers and 18.2 million are self-employed people who have lost their work during this lockdown (Source: Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy and CMIE). Most of the migrant workers have moved to their hometowns and villages. Due to scarcity of migrant labourers, all delivery companies are facing a problem of manpower which is creating long waits for delivering goods to their end customers.

Assessing the situation, India’s first rental solution provider for electric scooters eBikeGo announced a complete mobility solution to these delivery companies for the first time in the country. This platform will create employment and synergy amongst the company, drivers and AI and IoT enabled e-scooters for timely and safe delivery to customers.

Due to this comprehensive solution, the delivery executives will be recruited and provided with e-scooters by the company. So, a fixed salary with benefits can be enjoyed by the drivers without any hassles of booking and buying scooters of their own. With the implementation of this operational model, eBikeGo aims to create employment for 10,000 – 15000 in a defined period of time and ultimately reach 1 million individual entrepreneurs by 2025. On the other hand, the delivery companies will be free from botheration of recruiting drivers, scooters, logistics and monitoring ultimate delivery.

eBikeGo is the first electric vehicle company in India to provide an entire mobility solution along with their vehicles. The maximum usage of electric scooters reduces the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and can play a vital role to sustain the air pollution all across the cities. Simultaneously, usage of the latest technology i.e. Telematics devices for tracking & monitoring vehicle movement will enable smooth and timely delivery of goods to the customers.

“We are facing a high demand for e-bikes and drivers from many online delivery companies, considering their ease to deliver the goods without any hassle. We will provide the complete mobility solution, hire the drivers, and deliver the goods using our electric scooters. Electric vehicles have a higher demand as it will promote the eco-friendly delivery of goods. We are extremely happy to complete a pilot project with 5 electric scooters with our own delivery executives successfully at Pune recently and thus decided to expand the services to other cities in the country too.” said Dr. Irfan Khan, Co-Founder & CEO of eBikeGo.