Embassy Group advocates for universal healthcare access on World Health Day 2024

Embassy Group advocates for universal healthcare access on World Health Day 2024By Shaina Ganapathy, Head of Community Outreach, Embassy Group

The pandemic spurred a global realization of the significance of health and well-being. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), half of the global population lacks necessary healthcare access. It’s crucial to immediately raise awareness about the necessity of robust and adaptable healthcare systems for attaining universal health coverage.

This year’s World Health Day theme advocates for universal access to quality healthcare, education, and information, alongside essentials like safe drinking water, clean air, nutritious food, quality housing, fair working conditions, and a discrimination-free environment for all, everywhere. The global commitment to health as a human right will significantly determine the resilience of the economies and societies we build and rebuild today and far into the future.

At Embassy Group, we practice a holistic approach that goes beyond the basics to meet the diverse needs of individuals and communities, with a focus on sustainability, collaboration, empowerment, and stakeholder engagement. We have collaborated with 41 corporates on 74 projects to date in the spaces of education, infrastructure, health, and COVID-19. Our holistic health and hygiene programme for government schools saw an enormous increase in the radius of impact under our Corporate Connect umbrella, providing an example of the power of collaboration. Since 2016, we have been championing preventive health awareness in government schools, laying the basis for a generation of students with improved lifelong resilience to disease. As a special initiative to support the Department of Education in their endeavour to conduct health check-ups for students in 45,000 schools in Karnataka, Embassy designed a comprehensive screening process that covered 16,000+ students across 68 schools. Each student’s medical reports are shared with the individual schools and parents for further treatment.

The need of the hour is to have a conscious commitment to make real, long-term, sustainable developmental change through a collaborative approach. With the vision to contribute to the socio-economic development of the world, collaborative CSR can create a bigger radius of societal impact through collective action.