Eternia Fortifies Pan-India Footprint with New Experience Centre Inaugurations

Eternia Fortifies Pan-India Footprint with New Experience Centre Inaugurations15th May 2024: Eternia, India’s first WiWA-tested brand offering aluminium doors and windows made of Duranium (a patented aluminium alloy invented by Hindalco), is on an expansion spree across the country. Over the last three months, Eternia has launched experience centers in Indore, Gorakhpur, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Kolkata as part of its growth strategy.

The rapid launch of new experience centers across the country underscores Eternia’s vision to increase its footprint beyond Tier 1 cities and cater to the demands of its diverse customer base. The brand aims to give customers the best-in-class aluminium doors and windows by establishing a strong presence in these rapidly growing markets. All Eternia experience stores offer a diverse range of products and have been designed to provide an exclusive shopping experience where shoppers can explore and engage before investing in a product.

Nehal Bazari, Head-Marketing, Eternia, Hindalco Industries Limited, an Aditya Birla Group, said, “We are on a mission to increase our footprint across the country. In the last three months, we have opened four stores and received positive responses from our customers. These stores offer our customers best-in-class aluminium doors and windows and an exceptional shopping experience. Also, there is a growing trend in the demand for luxury products beyond tier-1 cities, making it imperative for us to tap into the emerging market. As part of our Pan-India expansion strategy, we intend to open more than 100 stores this financial year.”

Eternia’s doors and windows are made of Duranium, an alloy of aluminium developed by Hindalco engineers. This innovation comes with superior strength and has been engineered to offer slimmer, sleeker, and more expansive views for your home while ensuring durability. The doors and windows made of Duranium can withstand extreme weather conditions. Moreover, Duranium is 100% recyclable, aligning with Eternia’s commitment to sustainability.

Eternia’s aluminium doors and windows are WiWA (wind, water, and air) certified, ensuring they can withstand external elements such as noise, dust, heat, heavy rains, and even cyclones. Additionally, Eternia partnered with IIT Delhi to develop the “Know your WiWA© score” tool. It assists in determining the ideal WiWA score, ensuring that the windows perfectly match the customer’s needs.