Experience the Future of Refrigeration: LG Launches With New Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator

Experience the Future of Refrigeration: LG Launches With New Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator

Bengaluru, 22nd September 2023: LG Electronics India, India’s One of the leading consumer durables & air conditioner brand, is set to redefine how we experience refrigeration with the launch of its revolutionary Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator which allows users to convert the freezer section to a fridge from anywhere using LG ThinQ App. This cutting-edge appliance promises a new era of convenience and control in home appliances.

The 2023 Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator range currently offers 9 models, available in both Matt and Glass finishes, complete with chrome-finished door handles and exquisite metallic decorations inside. The refrigerator models will be available with a capacity of 650 litres.

As part of LG’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that cater to diverse needs, the Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator range will be priced from INR 122,999 to INR 152,999/-.

Embodying LG’s commitment to innovation and sophistication, the 2023 range of LG Wi-Fi Convertible Side-by-Side Refrigerators boasts a sleek, minimalist, flat design adorned with metallic decorations. The refrigerators effortlessly blend functionality with elegance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any modern kitchen. With its standout feature of remote operation via the LG ThinQ app, users can effortlessly control settings and temperatures from anywhere, minimizing cold air loss. This innovation redefines convenience, allowing users to remotely convert the freezer into a fridge with unparalleled ease.

Commenting on the launch, Hyoung Subji, Director Home Appliances & Air Conditioners, LG Electronics said,” Today, we are thrilled to introduce the LG Wi-Fi Convertible Side by Side Refrigerator, a testament to our commitment to innovation and convenience in home appliances. With the ability to be operated remotely through the LG ThinQ app, this refrigerator ushers in a new era of flexibility and control. Whether converting your freezer to a fridge while at work or adjusting temperature settings from the comfort of your couch, the Wi-Fi Convertible Refrigerator seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle. This launch reaffirms LG’s dedication to providing solutions that simplify our customers’ lives while bringing an exquisite blend of design and functionality to modern kitchens.”

The latest LG Refrigerators also come with Smart Learner powered by AI, which analyses the usage pattern of the refrigerator and optimizes cooling accordingly. With the help of various algorithms, the latest range of LG Refrigerators monitors the hourly, daily and weekly data to deliver long-lasting freshness for fruits and vegetables.

The Side by Side Refrigerators are also furnished with Hygiene Fresh+ air filter. As validated by the third party TUV Rheinland, this cutting-edge technology reduces activity of bacteria by up to 99.99%.

Moreover, these refrigerators are loaded with functionalities like DoorCooling+™, ensuring faster cooling than traditional systems and prolonging the freshness of stored food items. LG’s exclusive DoorCooling+™ innovation considerably narrows the temperature difference between the inner compartment and the door side, utilizing dedicated vents on the door shelves to cool beverages stored there efficiently.

The Smart Diagnosis technology packed in the refrigerators enhances troubleshooting and maintenance by allowing the fridge to communicate directly with the LG customer support centre. This results in quicker issue resolution and minimized downtime. The Smart Inverter Compressor optimizes cooling performance by adjusting its speed according to the cooling demands. This enhances energy efficiency and ensures quieter operation and a longer compressor lifespan.

LG’s multi-air flow system guarantees uniform refrigerator cooling by effectively distributing cool air in every corner. This helps maintain consistent temperatures and prevents temperature fluctuations, preserving the quality of stored foods and beverages.

The refrigerator’s dedicated wine rack also provides a designated space to store your favourite wine bottles securely. This feature is designed to prevent any unnecessary movement while opening and closing the refrigerator doors, keeping your bottles safe and easily accessible.