Freemasons of Telangana donates 2000 Hand Sanitisers to GHMC, Khairatabad Zonal Commissionerate Office

Praful, Maddulete, Madan, P. Pravinya and D. Ramchandram, seen donating 2000 hand sanitisers

Hyderabad: The Freemasons of Telangana, on 50th day of Lockdown  on Thursday donated 2000(Two Thousand) Hand Sanitisers to GHMC, Khairatabad   Zone for the distribution to their field staff of Sanitisation and Entomology.

Freemasons of Telangana team comprised of three Assistant Regional Grand  Masters—Madanmohan Lal, G. Maddulete and D. Ramchandram, accompanied their   members Praful K Sahgal, P. Veerabhadrudu, GHMC Officer Mr. Vinay called on Ms.   P. Pravinya, IAS, Zonal Commissioner of GHMC, Khairatabad Zone and handed over   2000 units of Hand Sanitisers prepared as per the formulation recommended by   World Health Organisation(WHO). Each of these units comprised of 100ml solution.  These will be subsequently distributed by GHMC to their field staff. Each of these   units will last for about ten days.  The value of the charity was Rs 60,000.

Ms. P. Pravinya, Zonal Commissioner stressed upon the importance of Sanitisers. The situation as of today is that we need to live and work with Corona.  Good Sanitizers help to deter the spread of germs and   illness-causing bacteria.  It is very important for the GHMC Workers.  It stops the   Spread of Germs:

We touch our faces so many times. Hand Sanitisers are very important for Municipal   field workers as their daily job involves working out.  Particularly Municipal Sweepers   who keep our streets clean need to be careful all the more.    So Freemasons of this   area decided to donate a substantial number of Hand Sanitisers, which covers about   2000 workers, informed Madanmohan, D. Ramchandram and Maddulete.

As much as your hands serve you, they also put germs in contact with your mouth,  eyes, nose, and many other parts of your body. Hence Hand Sanitisers are very useful to Municipal Field Workers shared Madanmohan, D. Ramchandram and Maddulete.

Hand Hygiene is one of the most important hygiene practices known to us from time   immemorial. Corona Pandemic has revived that old tradition of India.  A hand   sanitizer plays an important role in hands hygiene. It involves not only washing hands  but also sanitize hands with an appropriate proportion of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, Madanmohan, D. Ramchandram and Maddulete, the three leaders of  Freemasons of Telangana added.

In the last 50 days, ever since the Prime Minister declared Lockdown on March 24,  Freemasons of Telangana have done different portfolio of service activities which  include supply of dried ration, cooked food, medical equipment donation to  hospitals, taking care of Covid Warriors, Creating Awareness among people about  COVID etc. The value of the COVID -19 Relief taken up by Freemasons of Telangana is to the extent of rupees fifty lakhs.  Telangana unit of Freemasonsy tops among the five South Indian States in COVID Relief Activities.

Most people take street sweepers for granted. But, Freemasons of Telangana kick   started a drive called “Project Bun”. For more than 3 weeks now, we have been   distributing 1500 Bun+Banana+Biscuits every day morning at various locations in the  city to GHMC Sweepers, which is highly appreciated shared Madan, Ram and  Maddhu.