Juneteenth Business Conference Featured Media Panel and Inspiring Keynote on Adversity by Longhorn Jeremy Hills, Elite Trainer and Entrepreneur

Juneteenth Business Conference Featured Media Panel and Inspiring Keynote on Adversity by Longhorn Jeremy Hills, Elite Trainer and Entrepreneur

Austin, TX, June 24, 2024 –The third annual Black X Conference, hosted by the African American Leadership Institute (AALI), was a powerful and impactful event held at the Long Center for the Performing Arts as part of Juneteenth recognition. The conference featured a dynamic media panel and an inspiring keynote speech by former UT Longhorn Jeremy Hills, making it a significant occasion for all attendees.

The conference saw a collaboration of speakers, panelists, and vendors from some of Austin’s largest organizations and corporations, including Google, Meta, Indeed, Q2, Prosperity, Omnicom, and community organizations like Black Professional Alliance, Austin Justice Coalition, Measure, OfColor, Six Square, Big Austin, Austin Black Chamber, DivInc, Austin AI Alliance, Black Innovation Alliance, First United Bank, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Waymo, Texas Mutual, Dell, and many others.

An important part of the conference was the media panel, which included representatives from television, print, and digital media. The panelists discussed ways to navigate the new media landscape effectively, regardless of the industry. They highlighted the importance of following honest journalists to stay informed with accurate facts and emphasized the need for ethical journalism. The panelists encouraged attendees to remain open to learning new perspectives and to prioritize integrity in their media consumption.

Jeremy Hills, a former University of Texas football player, delivered a powerful keynote speech on overcoming adversity. After breaking his leg his senior year, Jeremy developed a passion for Strength & Conditioning. Following a stint in medical device sales, he dedicated himself to becoming the renowned performance coach he is today. “Overcoming adversity means ensuring all your actions are pure and selfless, as this is the only way for everything to fall into its perfect place. The work comes first. In life, just like in fitness, the greatest goals lie beyond the challenges. Embrace the struggle, set your plan, and then GO,” said Hills.

Jeremy shared his personal journey, recounting how his father left when he was six years old and his brother’s imprisonment when he was twelve. Through these challenges, the unwavering support from his mother, who was sitting in the audience, fueled his determination to succeed. He emphasized the profound influence she had on him, turning adversity into strength. His message to the audience was clear: never give up, no matter the obstacles.

Jeremy Hills is an ambitious visionary who trains NFL and NCAA athletes in preparation for their upcoming seasons. He has taught performance training to exercise physiologists and physiotherapists in seven countries across the globe.
The Black X Conference is part of the African American Leadership Institute’s mission to equip exceptional leaders with the tools to improve lives locally, nationally, and globally. Through their programming, they continue to celebrate the achievements of African American professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders, providing a platform for empowerment and growth.