Multi-brand car service start-up–Vehicle Care—to expand its retails outlets

Multi-brand car service start-up--Vehicle Care—to expand its retails outlets

New Delhi: The tech driven multi brand car service platform offering one stop solution to all car owners, Vehicle Care to expand its retail presence by adding more than 100+ cities pan India.

With Tier-I cities and Tier II cities as its target market, the start-up will initially eye cities such as Jodhpur, Indore, Bhopal, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat and Patna–which will be activated in the first phase of the expansion. With the activations of these retail outlets, the start-up is expected to generate Gross Merchandise Value of Rs. 10 crores per month.

Also, as a part of its expansion plans, Vehicle Care is forecasting an investment of Rs. 3.5 crores in the first phase and hoping to scale investments as they progress.

Elaborating on Vehicle Care’s expansion plans, Mr. Arvind Kumar, Founder , Vehicle Care said, “Vehicle care is helping restructure the disorganised automobile service centres in India. Vehicle care is currently operating in 50+ cities across India and presently the company has networked with over 400 garages. Also, it is catering to per month orders of over 2000 four wheelers and approximately 800 two wheelers.

When we started from day one, we were certain that we could capitalise on customers as we were offering them the best of service at a low cost. The price was 40 percent lower than that at the authorised service centres.

So, the demand is already there and honestly the market is welcoming! With our USP’s we are able to cater to good numbers and now we feel the time is appropriate for the brand to expand its retail presence and tap more cities.”

Set up in 2017, and brain child of four engineers Mr. Amit Yadav, Mr. Arvind Verma, Mr. Inder Vikram Jit and Mr. Alok Srivastava.

Vehicle care is fast filling the current market lag with its core competencies, that is, offering best services & support using Internet & Technology to empower independent mechanics, workshops, manufacturers, suppliers, corporates, insurers and consumers around the globe.

Easing breakdown difficulties and much more, the start-up over the years has been a gamechanger for all car owners and has been at the forefront with its doorstep services. It takes care of all periodic services, denting and painting, changing batteries, car spa and cleaning, AC service and repair, tyres and wheel care, detailing services, windshield and glass replacement and much more- name it and it has it!

Combining free doorstep pick up and drop services with upfront and competitive pricing, 100% genuine spare parts and unmatched customer service has added to the increasing popularity of Vehicle Care.

The start-up has recently opened their outlets in Bangalore and Lucknow and is now all set to tap Tier-II and Tier-III cities. With the USP’s of Vehicle Care gaining popularity, the start-up has also collaborated with zoom car and car24.