Multimedia Firm, DJR Media and Marketing Inc, Opens New Office in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA, December 02, 2023 — Memphis-founded DJR Media and Marketing Inc, said Friday it has opened an office in Atlanta, Georgia, becoming the latest media production and marketing firm to expand in the region.

DJR Media and Marketing Inc, formerly DJR Consultants Inc, was founded in 2004 by journalist and clergyman DJ Roker. The company, which started in a small room above Roker’s car garage, began as a graphic design and printing company that serviced non-profits and small businesses within the Greater Memphis, Tennessee area. “I hated bad graphics and poorly-designed print work, so I kinda stumbled into the marketing side of this business,” said DJ Roker, CEO. “When we started the business, it was out of a need to provide quality products to the local churches in our community, who were unable to afford the costs associated with using the big marketing firms; so we filled that vacuum.” As the company grew, DJR Media and Marketing Inc, pivoted towards radio, television, publishing, and media consulting. Today, the company operates worldwide, with a team of affiliates and strategic partners on virtually every continent. “Our model is simple, we have no full time employees, and we own no real estate. Practically everything we do for our clients, with the exception of a few things, we facilitate through independent contractors we call our affiliates, who understands our mission and mandate, and agree to uphold our standard of excellence,” says Roker. “One thing COVID has taught us, and that is, working remotely is the new normal; therefore, we’ve adapted our business model away from the brick and mortar for maximum efficiency, and to streamline our services. We can now operate whenever our clients are located, meet their needs, and provide them with the quality service they’re accustomed to — in less time than before.” According to the company, DJR Media and Marketing Inc, intends to have a footprint and presence in the U.K., the Caribbean, and West Africa by 2025.