My Engagement Experience-Dedicated To FlowerAura

Priti Singh

By Priti Singh

Surprise! We are finally engaged.


The 48 hours have been a whirlwind and, I am still a bit in shock as I write our engagement experience here. Last Saturday afternoon Aashish asked me to marry him where we went for a casual date, and of course, I said yes n a blink of an eye. We’re both on cloud nine and spent all day yesterday celebrating with the loved ones and sharing this awesome news with our old friends and family.

Frankly, I had a pretty good feeling we’d get engaged sometime this winter but I had no clue that it would happen the first weekend after coming back from the off-shore office trip. It feels like a lucid dream to me.


Being a die-hard fan of Game Of Throne, Aashu (sorry, only I address him by this name) always say this quote –

“Sooner would be better than later, and now would be better than sooner.” – Tyrion, and this time, I kinda agreed with Tyrion, so we decided to throw a cozy engagement party where we would only invite our family members, close relatives, and friends. Trust me, we had only one week left with us. And, Aashish being Aashish, who always treats me like a little girl, took the major responsibilities of the engagement party. I was given with only two duties-bringing my family members and close relatives to the venue and order a gorgeous and delicious engagement special cake.

I was pretty determined about wrapping up these two tasks perfectly. The first task, inviting my family members and close friends to the party went smoothly, but I was bewildered about buying a perfect cake for my engagement party as I am very new to Hyderabad. I tried my level best to order an exclusive cake from the famous shops in this city. I invested the three good days-Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to explore all the popular bakeries in Hyderabad in search for my cake. I actually did some real leg-work after a long time- I visited different places like Banjara Hills, Madhapur, Kukatpally, Jubeeli Hills, Panjagutta, Old Hyderabad, etc. Unfortunately, I was still not satisfied with the cake options that I was getting. The only thought constantly playing into my mind was- “dude, only two days are left in your hand and you are still finding luck,” and I felt like almost crying. The only option left for me was calling my best friend and ask for goddamn suggestion on this. It might sound trivial but trust me, it was a big..big…concern for me at that time. I called my bestie, Neha and yup, she told me about as she uses it frequently and being my childhood buddy, I have serious faith on her choices. I immediately went through their cake sections. Woow! I was amazed to see that massive collection of cakes available in almost every flavor. And suddenly, my eyes were glued to one cake -a royal looking, classic three-tiered chocolate cake! I could not even blink for few seconds as it was the cake that I had already painted in my imagination as my engagement cake. I immediately ordered a cake online in Hyderabadon my engagement ceremony.

I received the cake within 24 hours, and it was pretty heavy. I was actually impressed with FlowerAura’s promptest delivery, and the delivery guy named Suraj was so genial to me at the time delivering the cake. Finally, the big day arrived and yeah, everyone, yes I am mentioning it again, every single one gave the major compliment about the overall look and lip-smacking taste of the cake, even my dad was also not taking any break from eating the cake..he was looking a like a little kid and at that moment I felt a little emotional because, after a long time, I saw my father eating dessert like a kid!


Finally, I got a heart-melting compliment from Aashu as he whispered in my ear “Hey Priti, I am feeling a little jealous as both, you and your cake have stolen the entire show and people are hardly giving me compliments about my new Suit.”


Awww, that was the moment for me! The sweetest moment of my life till now. And FlowerAura, you guys have given me this particular priceless memory for life. A bag full of thanks and love for FlowerAura and, instead of writing on your site or social media page, I am just dedicating this post to you as my token of gratitude.


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