Network Like a Pro: 5 Powerful Tips That Could Change Your Business


Proactively networking can transform your business from the better, as it could help you to secure new customers, meet prospective business associates, and even find a mentor. If you want to start networking like a pro, read the following powerful tips that could change your business.

  1. Regularly Connect with Valuable Contacts

There will be some contacts that will add considerable value to your business, and it’s your job to maintain a relationship so they can continue to help your company to develop and grow. You must, however, do more than sending a holiday card, as you should strive to strengthen the relationship throughout the years by meeting them for coffee, dropping them an email to ask how they are and how you can help, or sending them an industry book that can help their business to grow, too.

  1. Send Messages to the Right Contacts

You might have spent so much time building your email database that a member of staff has left the company by the time you send a message. Don’t waste your time scouring the internet for a contact’s email, and simply find a person’s contact details with ease using an email address checker. You can even verify the email before you send a pitch, so you are sure your message has arrived in the right person’s inbox. This way you won’t waste your time writing an email for a contact that no longer exists. Visit the email finder for more information.

  1. Find a Way to Help a Connection

Never assume you cannot help a large CEO or successful entrepreneur. There is always something of value you can provide, such as a backlink on your website or a social media promotion. All you need to do is reach out to a connection and ask how you can help, instead of attempting to sell them your product or attend your event. Even if a connection doesn’t need anything from you right now, they’ll appreciate your helpful attitude, and could potentially reach out to your business in the future.

  1. Look Beyond Positions

There are many intelligent, ambitious, and creative people in business who are not currently a CEO or manager, but who is to say they will not be a few months or years down the road? Stop looking at positions when networking, and start connecting with passionate, motivated people who their working their way up the ladder. If you build a strong relationship with these individuals early on, they might be more likely to turn to your business when launching their first company or entering a senior role.

  1. Send a Monthly Newsletter

Remain at the forefront of your contacts’ minds by sending a monthly newsletter. This should feature helpful articles and facts they would find insightful, which could potentially support their own businesses. You could even use personalization and segmentation to send targeted, relevant contact to select connections. As a result, you could increase your credibility within your industry and become a thought leader, which could lead to a connection becoming a client or business associate.

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