NxtWave Graduates Shine at the 2nd Kaushal Deekshant Samaroh, New Delhi Organised by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

NxtWave Graduates Shine at the 2nd Kaushal Deekshant Samaroh, New Delhi Organised by the Ministry of Skill Development and EntrepreneurshipOctober 20, 2023: Skill India’s recent Kaushal Deekshant Samaroh, showcased an inspiring celebration of talent, resilience, and achievement, bringing due attention to the importance and relevance of skill-based education in today’s world. NxtWave, the pioneering upskilling platform for software careers, had the distinct honour of recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of its students Sai Krishna Boga and Sravanthi. These remarkable individuals, who have carved a path from adversity to triumph, received special recommendation from the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) during the grand event, garnering attention at the National level. The momentous event was also addressed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and the Hon’ble Education and Skill Minister.

NxtWave Student, Sai Krishna, formerly a Zomato delivery boy, faced significant financial hardships and lost hope towards a better life. However, he discovered a transformative path to rebuild his life through NxtWave’s CCBP 4.0 program, ultimately achieving his dream of becoming a software engineer.

Similarly, another student, Sravanthi, a mother of two, had nearly abandoned her career after marriage, facing a substantial career gap of 4 years. Yet, she seized the opportunity to reignite her professional journey and embark on a second innings of her career. Today, she stands not only as a devoted mother but also as an independent working woman, recognized for her identity as a software engineer.

Both Sai Krishna and Sravanthi’s stories epitomize unwavering determination and resilience in their pursuit of success. Their narratives not only signify personal transformation but also underscore the transformative power of skill-based education in unlocking new horizons.

The selection of NxtWave’s alumni, Sai Krishna and Sravanthi, from a pool of students across the nation serves as a testament to the NSDC’s acknowledgement of their inspirational journeys in establishing careers in the software industry.

Expressing his elation, Mr. Rahul Attuluri, Founder and CEO of NxtWave, stated, “We are extremely delighted to witness our students achieve remarkable milestones. This is very special because students who were worrying about getting a job are now honoured on the national stage by the Education and Skill Minister of the country. At NxtWave, we have undertaken the pledge to bring skill-based learning to the remotest corners of the country and prepare the next generation for the 4.0 revolution. Together with NSDC, we recognize the broader responsibility and path ahead to create a highly skilled workforce, contributing to a thriving Bharat.”

NxtWave’s visionary approach, underpinned by its signature CCBP 4.0 programs, continues to empower the youth with the most sought-after tech skills, cultivating a talent pool ready to drive India’s digital transformation. By seamlessly connecting industry-ready candidates with top-tier companies, NxtWave is addressing the ever-increasing tech talent demand in India’s burgeoning IT sector.