Oga launches first-of-its-kind AI-powered interactive workout solution

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Bengaluru: Digital fitness startup Oga recently launched a fully interactive platform that allows users to get the group studio workout experience at home. The realtime body tracking and leaderboard system not only allows users to work out with friends but also ensures that they get all benefits akin to training with a personal trainer.

Fitness apps have seen tremendous growth in usage during the lockdown. As per recent reports, consumer spending on fitness applications increased by 60% in India in March 2020 alone, which is more than the global average of 50%.

Speaking about the platform, Ashish Rawat, Founder, Oga, said, “When it comes to workouts, people want experience centers rather than equipment only centers. Oga offers all the elements of a studio workout experience by using its cutting edge technology to provide fully interactive and gamified workouts. A platform where you can interact and workout together with your friends was very much the need of the hour”

Oga’s proprietary motion comparison technology utilizes a user’s camera to track and compare user movements with that of a virtual trainer to provide realtime feedback and detailed data. It also enables fitness influencers and trainers to broadcast interactive workout sessions to users across the world.

Adding further, David Giampaolo, CEO, Pi Capital, said, “Oga is uniquely positioned as a platform that offers an all-in-one solution for customers who are looking at staying fit, and seeking convenience, on-demand access to experts and customization. Being fit has become a priority across all age groups now more than ever, and Oga is an indigenous one-stop solution for users.”

Sarvesh Shashi, Co-founder Sarva Yoga, added, “Today, people are looking for holistic health and wellness solutions. Given how access to gyms and fitness studios has become a rarity with the pandemic, Oga comes across as the perfect training buddy for everyone. Apart from offering real-time insights on workout routines, it makes exercising fun by ensuring you tag family and friends along. It is definitely the future of fitness.”

Oga has so far raised funding of 700k and has a 12-member strong team of the brightest and most talented individuals from the fitness sector in India. With exciting features like video and voice chat functionality, ability to add your own YouTube workouts, and a Live Marketplace for trainers to host their own interactive live classes to be added soon, Oga’s mission is to revolutionize the global fitness industry.